Whiggish Reading?

I'm currently reading the 'one and only' book out there (that I can find and as a historian I do like digging things up) on the MWP which is the The Whig Manifesto. It's not bad, but when it reads 'most Americans are conservative with conservative' values and talks about God multiple times, it doesn't exactly exude the centrist inclusive MWP platform. I have trouble recommending it as a MWP or just Whig in general sourcebook. And, before I'm accused of negative reviews I'll say it's nice to have something rather than nothing, but I've had my thoughts echoed by others in the MWP who have even said the author is not a member, but for reasons that pre-date me chose to support the party this way. So, my question is ... for those of us that need another book, or want to know more, or are new to MWP, love history, does anyone have any interesting books they recommend in line with or accentuating our Whig philosophy? My first thought is biographies on Henry Clay and Daniel Webster and maybe even the political philosophy of Horace Greeley .... but .... thoughts, book reviews, or ....

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