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Syllables govern the world.  (George Bernard Shaw)  

The Modern Whig Institute believes in nothing more passionately than the power of education, information, analysis and communication. We strive to constantly deepen our knowledge of politics, policy and civic affairs, and we welcome vigorous -- and civil -- debate both within our organization and throughout our society at large.

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To foster discussion and help to better formulate common-sense policy proposals, The Modern Whig Institute currently relies on three streams. First are the Whig Forums, where members and supporters can post suggestions for other members and supporters to comment and vote on. Second is Whig Media -- Whig Radio and Whig TV, where party leaders can interview experts, academics, journalists, candidates and serving officials. Third is our social media presence, which we encourage you to connect with so we can hear your voice in the informal, and often vibrant, setting of the internet.

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