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An interesting article regarding income taxes from my daily reading.

I came across this article on the New York Times website during my daily review of national news. Use the link below to read the article: http://www.nytimes.com/2015/06/12/upshot/carly-fiorina-shows-us-just-how-weird-americas-tax-system-is.html?WT.mc_id=2015-JULY-OUTBRAIN-UPSHOT_AUD_DEV-0701-0731&WT.mc_ev=click&ad-keywords=AUDDEVREMARK&abt=0002&abg=1 Now I have long been a proponent of either modifying or abolishing Federal Income Tax to either simplify the system (like a flat tax) or turn the cost of government over to the states in proportion to their populations (using census data), but obviously, certain things need to be worked out. This article seems to support the idea that our tax system needs an overhaul. What are your views?

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The rising cost of education. What do we do?

I was perusing the news feeds on line as I do almost every day, when I came across this article on FOX NEWS:   http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2015/07/10/study-blames-college-tuition-arms-race-on-schools-addicted-to-federal-aid/?intcmp=latestnews    I would encourage you to read the article at the above link and then return to this forum to discuss potential solutions. It has already been mentioned in discussion related to my post on making health care affordable, that education costs may be related to the rise in health care costs, so is the cost of education a root problem in the United States? If so, what do we do about it? When I attended a public university from 1978-1982 the annual tuition cost (in state) was about $1200 dollars. It is now $12,394. This represents a ten-fold increase. The FOX article seems to indicate that at least part of the blame belongs to Federal Student Loan Programs. At any rate, the rate of increase in tuition costs far outstrips inflation. It seems to me, that if we want to narrow the widening gap between rich and poor, education needs to be affordable to all. In an ever more technological society, an educated populace is increasingly necessary to maintaining our way of life. Your suggestions on how to reverse this trend are more than welcome!

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How do we as a nation, actually make health care affordable?

With a graduate degree in Health Services Management and Supervision, I have avidly read everything I can get my hands on concerning the ACA and its purported effects, both positive and negative. The one thing I see, is that while the Act makes Health Insurance available and more-or-less affordable for segments of the population who could not obtain or afford insurance before, it does not seem to actually do anything about the cost of health care itself. So I thought I would open the topic for discussion and see what ideas are out there. Is tort reform a possible answer, at least in part? In theory, limiting the awards for malpractice claims should lower the cost of malpractice insurance, and in turn reduce a health provider's cost of doing business. Given a lower cost of providing services, then, it seems logical that the cost of those same services should go down. Or will they? How about educational reform? What if we could bring down the cost of a medical education such that student medical providers were not left with huge educational debts? Could that bring down the cost of health care services? If it were cheaper to get a medical degree, would more students choose that path leading to a greater supply of health care workers? Could a greater supply then lead to lower costs due to competition? The health care industry is a business, let there be no mistake about that. So what sort of changes to the business model are needed to bring down the cost of services? What bothers me about the ACA is that none of these questions seem to be answered. In most business models adding layers of bureaucracy generally raises operating costs in a system. In health care, insurance companies, while spreading the risk across a larger population (which shares costs) can reduce some individual's costs, the insurance company has to get their cut (they are a business too), which could cancel out any cost savings. This brings me back to my original question: How do we as a nation or a society bring down the actual cost of health care at the point of service?

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Veterans! Come meet with your Director of Veterans and Active Duty Affairs.

I will be at Camp Perry, Ohio (Port Clinton) from July 17th to July 22nd, 2015 for the National Rifle Matches. If anyone is interested in a face-to-face meeting to discuss any issues, or if you have issues you need brought to my attention please contact me via email at: veterans@modernwhig.org In August, I will be in the Minneapolis/Saint Paul area from the 18th to the 23rd, and in October I will be in Arizona from the 9th to the 16th. Part of the time in Arizona will be in the Phoenix area and the remainder will be in Tucson. Exact dates have yet to be determined for each area in Arizona.

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Suggested Read Concerning Campaign Finance

I was skimming through today's news feeds when I found this article on CBS. If you haven't read it already, I think you should. Campaign finance has become one of the biggest issues in politics today, and is a major factor in the widening gap between rich and poor in our country as the middle class gets squeezed more and more. Here is the link to the article: http://www.cbsnews.com/news/poll-americans-say-money-has-too-much-influence-in-campaigns/

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Coffee Party USA ?

Hello Whigs ! What is your your opinion on the Coffee Party movement ? It seems to have originated as an antithesis of the Tea Party. But by some things I have read, it looks more moderate/Centrist at the present time. Has anyone attended a meeting of the sorts/know anybody who is apart of it ?

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Best US politicians in the last 50 years ?

Hey Whigs ! In your honest opinion, who are some of the best US politicians in last 50 years ?

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Modern Whig presidential candidate in 2016 ?

Hi Whigs ! I just wanted to shoot out a question to anyone who knows: What is the party's plan for the 2016 presidential election ? I couldn't seem to find any information on the website. Are there any party members who would be willing to run ?

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What are your views regarding Federal Government?

Hello there Whigs ! I am so eager to be apart of this great website ! I just want shoot a simple question with complex implications: What do you think of the Federal Government ? Some people want to dissolve it right away, others believe it is a tool to be used for social well being. I look forward to all responses !

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The Trans Pacific Partnership

I wanted to know what people thought about the TPP?

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