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A Democratic Republic...

Many of the ideals we talk about "Freedom" in this country come from Democratic-Republicanism, but we are often faced with the harsh reality of Federalist implementation. Truth is, I'm kinda partial to the DR, and the more radical ones at that.(Thomas Paine, for the win). Many of these ideas have been around for a long time, and I think its time to sweep away the last bits of Federalist nonsense. 1. The United States is a Democratic-Republic. All language referring to a "Republic", and "Republican" values should be updated to "Democratic Republic", and "Democratic Republican" values. This shall include the requirement for state constitutions to be "Democratic Republican" in nature. 2. Ballot Initiatives at the federal level. A ballot question shall pass a threshold of 25 thousand signatures, or petition of one third of congress to appear on the ballot. Furthermore it shall be a requirement that all states have ballot initiatives in their constitutions. 3. Unicameral congress. The senate and the House of representatives shall be merged, but rules for districting shall remain the same. District lines shall be redrawn and un gerrymandered. 4. All offices shall have a term of 8 years, but subject to a recall vote at any time for any reason. All states must have a recall vote as well. term limits on all offices will be removed. Congress shall have two classes(staggered vote). 5. Further constitutional amendments will require a two thirds vote in congress plus a two thirds popular vote.

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A Thought to Our Official Color

I know how asking about something of this nature seems premature since we still need to score more victories in elections, but what should our color be when a diagram presents the political division of a city council, state congress, and (hopefully) Congress? While I personally do not find “red states/blue states” lexicon palatable (since states hold a more complex political dynamic), I do think we should at least start considering a color. For me personally, I champion white. Now, before we begin bulking from the social concerns it may have, allow myself to explain my support. First, we describe Old Glory as the Red, WHITE, and Blue. See, white can be found in the middle just like us, and it’s just as patriotic a color as red and blue. Second, a few parties already do purple to represent them, most notably the Libertarians. All who use it want to send the message of being a mixture of both platforms, of embracing aspects of each major party’s agendas and ideology. To that I say we need not to mimic. Whigs should foster ourselves, our Classical Liberalism, our thinking, our culture, and our solutions as a different breed altogether and not as some two-bit Tom, Dick, or Harry cherry-pickers. Third, white signifies what we champion as a party, ethics. Purity, a purity or at least want of it through the commitment of ethical practices. We may not be perfect, but that should not stop us from holding ourselves to different standards, to at least dream of such things despite far-reaching. Fourth, white can also signify light, light as in the Enlightenment. Sure, we can agree we will not be striving to achieve the state of nature like Rousseau nor an enlightened absolutism like Voltaire, but to be mindful of these profound thoughts when seeking what we want from our government. Time changed a lot of dynamics concerning society and the state that many thinkers of that time could not fathom; and so, their works may be timeless but they may not exactly be a perfect mold as some would preach. Yet that should not stop us from being enlightened in thought; to learn, think critically, rationalize, and promote methodology in solving problems.


Yet, I am aware of the connotations this might have concerning race. Yes, it definitely could set us up for some body shots that the opposition could throw in the political arena. I can agree that pundits saying “__(state name)__ is a ‘white state’” reverberates differently and holds an odder ring than “red state/blue state”. It could be a deterrent and misleading about how our party is a socially open one, wanting to embrace all Americans from all walks of life. However, may be I am wearier than I should be about the connotation the color white holds.


Anyhow, what color do you guys think would be a good fit for the Modern Whig Party?

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