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Bernie Sanders and taxing our way to social medicine...

Today I was surfing the news feeds as I usually do, when I came across this article from Motley Fool… I’ve read several articles about Bernie Sanders and how he thinks we can move to universal single payer health care and finance it through tax hikes, but this is the first article I have seen that breaks it down into individual tax brackets. There is also a bit of analysis on long term economic effects. Let’s put all that to the side for a minute though, and examine one question: Is it right, or even fair to tax people at ever increasing rates as they work hard and earn more money? One of the principles of the American system is capitalism. Capitalism encourages people to work harder and make more money. After all, that’s how you move up. That’s how you realize the American Dream. Or so we have all been told. The biggest failure in the Sanders tax plan is this: It de-incentivizes work. There is really no reason to work harder if the government is going to take bigger and bigger chunks of your income away if you are successful. This is true of the current system also, but Sanders’ plan further punishes those who are successful. It is hard to see people not doing their own very personal cost-benefit analysis and deciding that at some certain point it simply isn’t worth trying to earn more if the government is going to take it away. What the Sanders plan does is move the break-even point down the income spectrum. Those already rich will offshore their wealth, or hide it in some of the many tax shelters their high priced lawyers and accountants will devise. The guy in the middle will again get screwed. I have to give Bernie some credit though. He’s planning on screwing over the guy at the bottom too, by apparently a modest 2.2%. Yet another great step towards the socialist feudal paradise. You can read the article at the link below. Let me hear your thoughts on this. http://www.fool.com/retirement/general/2016/02/07/bernie-sanders-income-tax-brackets-how-much-would.aspx

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A Modest Foreign Policy Proposal for Humanitarian Aid

This forum is supposed to be for issues that pertain solely to the US, but I believe my suggestion is not off-topic. Too often I have heard the US get accused by other countries of being the self-appointed policeman of the world. Yet whenever there is an international crisis they fail to step up and do their part, or at least, not until the US takes a leadership role. So here's the proposal: Some years ago, an idea was put forward in diplomatic circles to create a “World Navy”, which would actually be more like a World Coast Guard. The charter of this organization would include such things as: search and rescue, disaster relief, humanitarian relief, counter-piracy, interdiction against human trafficking, and enforcing international law on the high seas. It could be part of the United Nations or a new organization. Member nations would contribute a number of ships and/or aircraft proportional to their GDP’s, but the crews would be multinational. The fleet would consist of patrol cutters, hospital ships, and other vessels designed for the job. Most of these would only need light armament. Such a fleet could have reduced the loss of life from events such as the current exodus crises in Syria and Libya, the Somali pirate scourge, and the Indonesian tsunami. It would also be a way for other nations to shoulder more of the burden of foreign aid and crisis response. So what do you all think? Is this a worthwhile thing to do, or just a pipe dream? I would love to see this become part of the Modern Whig platform, and demand that other countries do more.

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