We Are a Responsible Party


We are a responsible party – we take our fiscal, social, and environmental responsibilities seriously.

Government at all levels is vested with authority derived from the people. Jean-Jacques Rousseau and John Locke, Enlightenment-era philosophers who inspired the writing of the Declaration of Independence, gifted Western political thought with powerful principles scarcely practiced since the time of the Ancient Greeks and Romans. The single greatest act of Rousseau and Locke was to remind humanity - in the midst of an era of Kings and Queens of divine right - that the very existence of government is justified only by the consent of the governed. 

The fundamental rights of man - “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness” – are what Locke believed government existed to protect. Rousseau, too, argued that humans only allowed the existence of government to protect their individual freedom. Therefore, government’s sole responsibility to protect the rights and adhere to the principles and will of its people is the source of its vast power. With such power held by so few, who are indebted to so many, what politician would dare betray their responsibility to the people?

Unfortunately, a great many politicians have betrayed their promises to the public and have forgotten their place among the people in modern times. Too often have we Americans watched representatives at the local, state, and national levels leave promises unfulfilled; we have watched national tragedies turn into talking points for political agendas; we have stood in horror as politicians divided our democracy on the basis of income, race, religion, and gender for their own political gain; we have seen politicians wearing the American flag pinned on their suits betray the very land upon which they live and poison the environment in which our posterity will grow for their own pursuit of riches; we, the Modern Whig Party, will watch no longer.

We are a responsible party. We hold our responsibility to the public, the very responsibility that necessitates political office in the first place, above all. The Modern Whig Party exists to protect the fiscal, social, and environmental needs of the American people. The Whigs are fact-oriented and rational with an immeasurable compassion for our people. Unlike the politicians that would leave a people helpless and divided and an Earth barren before they relinquish their power, the Whigs will ensure that our rights and resources are protected.

The Whigs understand their fiscal responsibility. Many towns and cities have been taxed down to the bone to pay for unnecessary expenses and sometimes line the pockets of the people who are supposed to represent their concerns. Politicians also grant tax relief to people who, coincidentally, align with their interests and tax brackets, while simultaneously placing a heavy tax burden on America’s middle class. Government waste too, sometimes in the form of expensive banquets for various departments of the executive and legislative branches, illuminate the fiscal irresponsibility of both major parties. Whigs, through objective rationality and their commitment to their constituents, wish to promote fiscal responsibility in government and protect the fiscal interests of the people. The Modern Whig party will try to bolster the poorest members of our society while simultaneously encouraging individual initiative and respecting the principles of free enterprise.

The Whigs understand their social responsibility. We live in an age of race-baiting and identity politics used by politicians to garner the support of one group over the other by reducing the entirety of people’s political thought and societal need to something as arbitrary as their appearance. The division of our society by race undermines what it means to be American while simultaneously devaluing the individual by placing importance only on what they look like. Whigs care about character and merit. The Modern Whig Party believes in a merit, not race, based society where individual worth is based upon what the individuals have actually done. Whigs respect all groups of people; consequently, Whigs only separate individuals based upon their actions. When a group needs politicians that will help them, the Whigs will answer the call and fight for the rights of those Americans without exception due to skin color, ethnicity, or religion. The Modern Whig Party seeks to unite the American people as one.

The Whigs understand their responsibility to the environment. Contamination of water supplies, hormones in food, dangerous chemicals in food supplements and prescription drugs, and the rise of extremes in our climate are all realities that the Modern Whigs are willing to recognize and able to combat. The Modern Whig Party is also interested in preserving our resources of natural gas, water, the forests, and all other resources that allow our people to live comfortably and give our American land life. The Modern Whig Party and its members will never sacrifice our responsibility to our environment and resources for monetary gain from interest groups.

The Modern Whigs seek to do right by the American people. As a party committed to solving difficult problems through logic and the scientific method, the Modern Whig Party will have the truth on its side as it upholds its responsibilities. We are a responsible party. When upholding our responsibilities to the people and environment, armed with the power of truth, the Modern Whig Party shall not falter.






 John Carley is a writer for the Modern Whig Party, a senior at Father Judge High School in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  A proud Whig and future candidate. 

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  • Eric Roeske
    commented 2017-01-27 09:53:36 -0500
    I really like the way you’ve shown how broad-encompassing the mantle of “responsibility” really is. I think it’s important to look at the big picture and how all of these different spheres of responsibility – fiscal, social, environmental, etc – don’t necessarily have to be opposing interests. It necessitates a Socratic approach, not an absolutist/ideological one.
  • jules rensch
    commented 2017-01-26 16:30:11 -0500
    Great article…Thank you John for this synopsis of the what and the who of our Whig Party…

    Observer Jules