We are a Moderate Party


We are a Moderate Party - we avoid extremes that threaten our goals for peace, progress, and prosperity.

Sea levels have extremes as well. The tide is the rise and fall of the sea level along a coast and denotes rising and falling sea levels along the coastline...

The tide floods the coast, overwhelming the land with a rush of water. At another point in the day, the tide retreats in the opposite extreme leaving the coast dry and barren until the water line re-stabilizes once again in the middle of the cycle. Tides express two concepts; extremes and the over correction of those extremes.

Political thinking similarly operates upon the same principle as the tide. If a political minority becomes extreme on either the left or the right, there will be a political over correction that will occur, which takes the minority to the an extreme on the opposite end of the political spectrum. Similar to the natural tide, the political tide will either overwhelm or leave barren the political landscape until it normalizes itself again.

Take Europe, for instance. has become a playing field of both far-left and far-right ideologies to clash, and the result has been socially and politically destructive. The flood from the tide of socialist policies caused the tide of far-right tendencies of nationalism to pull the political tide back into the ideological ocean, with the centrists being swept to and fro, backward and forward all the while. We Americans must carefully watch our neighbors across the Atlantic and take care not to repeat their same mistakes, lest we be caught in the same tidal pull and the subsequent monsoon that is sure to follow.

Notice that extremes from both the far-left and the far-right injure the political landscape and the society. The Modern Whig Party works to avoid these extremes in order to preserve our goals and national identity. As a centrist party, the Whigs do not strictly adhere to a ‘left’ or ‘right’ set of ideas, let alone the ideas of those political extremes. Rather, the Modern Whig Party finds pragmatic and constitutional approaches to solving all of the issues that arise within society. If an idea typically claimed by liberals works best to solve a problem, or if an idea typically claimed by conservatives works best to solve a problem, so be it. We Modern Whigs wish to avoid political extremes because, as a general practice, they are destructive. When one utilizes their political extreme to make victims of their opposition, they themselves become the victims of the inevitable tide of political over correction.

These claims do not mean that Whigs take a ‘half-way’ approach to government and compromise directly down the middle on every societal issue. What these claims do mean, however, is that the Whigs are open to all reasonable solutions to social issues, no matter where on the political spectrum those solutions originate. Whigs select ideas based upon their merit and do not adhere to dangerous ideology that ultimately divides Americans against themselves.

Critics may argue that centrism means that the Modern Whig Party is not principled or that the Whigs cannot be held accountable because they do not stand for anything. However, the Whigs most definitely adhere to principles that govern our party, but not the typical ‘left or right’ doctrines. We believe in common sense solutions for the common good, not blind partisan obstructionism or polarization. We believe in and seek commutuality with others, so practical answers to social problems are found and implemented. The Whigs believe in the Constitution of the United States, and will defend the civil liberties of all Americans. The Modern Whig Party will always seek the path of integrity, unity, and co-operation, for the strength and betterment of the American people. 






    John Carley is a writer for the Modern Whig Party, a senior at  Father Judge High    School in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  A proud Whig and future candidate.

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  • Washington Modern Whig Party
    commented 2017-09-10 00:23:54 -0400
    well said
  • jules rensch
    commented 2017-08-08 22:36:36 -0400
    great piece John…proud I am, to be a part of what you feel…’

    Observer Jules
  • Uniters.org 🇺🇸 Eic
    commented 2017-07-22 02:57:08 -0400
    Happy to see to see more MWP action online of late. Hoping it translates into electoral results – the more all of the small centrist & moderate parties that are cropping up grow, the faster we’ll get to critical mass nationally, and they can join together and form a national party.