April 02, 2018
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Virginia Whigs Nominate Helen Alli for 7th Congressional District


Helen Alli, a veteran of the US Army residing in Glen Allen, VA has been nominated by the Whig Party of Virginia for the United States House of Representatives in Virginia’s 7th District.

Alli, has a history and a burning desire to serve as demonstrated in her service to our country.  She has continued that long service in her community at a  battered women' shelter and has been a leader in the movement to restore our representative democracy.

Helen Alli owns a small healthcare business specializing in bio-hormone replacement therapy and medical weight loss. Recognized for her commitment to the small business community Helen was honored to be appointed to the Board of the Richmond Economic Development Authority. She was instrumental in working with local developers for the construction of much needed apartment buildings, hotels and retail spaces.

Continuing her community involvement Alli serves as the Legislative Chair for Crusade for Voters, leading the way toward a bi-partisan referendum to modernize Richmond Public Schools which passed in November. Helen seeks to continue her service, representing her community in the 7th district in Congress, giving voice to all people.

State Party Chairman Tim Cotton said, "The Whig Party of Virginia is proud to nominate Helen Alli for Congress. Her demonstrated ability to work with everyone despite party affiliation or background, combined with a rational, common sense approach that puts people over party, and her strong stand against accepting money from corporate donors well represents the ideals of Whigs and our vision of representative democracy."

Helen Alli added, "I am proud to announce that I will be running my Congressional race as the nominee of the Virginia Whig Party. The original progressive platform that I originally rolled out for the 7th district will remain intact."

Joining Peter Carey of CD11, Helen Alli becomes only the second Whig nominee for Congress in more than 150 years in her bid to unseat GOP incumbent David Brat. Another Whig, Scott Blankenship is running in CD9.

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