February 19, 2018
Contact: Virginia Modern Whig Party

Virginia Whigs Endorse Blankenship for Congress


February 13, 2018
Scott Blankenship

The state of this union of states, as demonstrated in the backdrop of the President's annual address to Congress demands that the citizens of this great nation make their voices heard, and show their discontent with the status quo.

Our grand Constitution provides no better place for this than in the office of Representative to the Congress, and it is here where we the people must strive for proper representation.

Your campaign for this office demonstrates pragmatism and optimism, leadership through confidence, and a willingness to listen to the right people to foster proper and rational decisions.

Your commitment to the needs of Americans such as quality education for our children and affordable healthcare with an "outsider" approach based in common sense are qualities we seek for such an office.

As a candidate for neither corporate controlled "major party" you  have pledged to be a voice for the people of your district and not that of party elites, special interests and corporate lobbyists.

We at the Modern Whig Party seek persons that can put aside partisanship with an open minded approach to resolution whereby the needs of the people and the nation come before that of party and their interests.

Therefore, as these attributes are aligned in full with that of the Modern Whig Party, it is with confidence that the State Central Committee of the Whig Party of Virginia fully endorses your candidacy to represent the people of the 9th Congressional District of Virginia in the United States House of Representatives.

Timothy Cotton, Chairman WPVA

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