Two Whig Wins


This was a newsletter first sent via email to Party members on Wednesday, Nov. 8, 2017

Two wins for Modern Whigs yesterday.  Heshy Bucholz in Pennsylvania won reelection as an election judge.  Heshy did his research a few years ago and found that these positions were lightly contested.  His research turned into one of our first Modern Whig election wins.

Also, Matthew Hepner in Washington State won his race for city council unopposed.  Matthew also did his research and found a contest with no one who had filed to run.  They both now have the opportunity to show their constituents what a Modern Whig can accomplish.  It is great to have principles and platforms on a web site but people will really take notice when we show them what we believe, not just tell them.

Utah and Missouri are currently trying to get ballot access for 2018.  We are also starting work on Mississippi and Florida.  Add the nine “run first” states plus Washington and then throw in the 25 states that allow independents to put “Modern Whig Party” beside their name on the ballot and there are no shortage of races we could support.  Some of our state leaders are spending time researching independents running for offices to see if we can draw them to our party.  Others are looking at races where one party usually runs a candidate that is unopposed.  We need more eyes looking for these, however.  If you really think the country is in trouble please take a few hours and help us look.  Volunteer and let them know this is what you want to do. 

All of the above is part of our long climb to the top.  Voters need to know who we are and that they believe in the same things we do.  Equally important, however, is that they need to know that we can get elected so that we can represent them and change American politics.  It will take time and patience to prove ourselves.  Part of our job is to tell people there is a better choice and to prove it as often as possible.  We need to be civil but firm in our convictions and in setting the record straight when false statements are made concerning third parties and independents.  

One example of this we have on the record is when Dan Smith of the Michigan Whig Party asked from the audience microphone why third parties and independents cannot get the news coverage they need to be competitive.

Joy Ann-Reid of MSNBC answered with circular logic saying essentially that third parties did not get news coverage they need to be competitive because they are not competitive.  The irony in the answer seems to have been lost on her, but many in the audience had to get Dan’s message and note the flawed logic of the speaker.    The other point she brought up was blatantly false about the country being set up to have two parties.  The country was set up to have no parties.  One bonus if you listen is that she did mention the Whigs.

We also need to make our case and make it now.  Who is going to correct the problems caused by too much government influence being sold for donations; too much polarization of the major parties; and too little sharing of power by the major parties?  Asking the major parties to do this is like asking a fox to provide security for a hen house.  They caused these problems and like it this way.  They have no incentive to fix these problems, yet too many times I see people leaving it in their hands.  This has to change.  The alternatives are “no one else” and “anyone else”.  The “no one else” option is sitting back and watching this tragedy unfold daily until some event like the election of 2000 or the appointment of a Supreme Court justice blows the lid off a government that can no longer fix problems.  This is not an option.  The one option left is “anyone else” and that includes us.  We know the problems and have the right solutions.  Let’s get busy getting ready for 2018. 

Dale Ritchie is the National Chair of the Modern Whig Party  

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