State of the Party 2018


"The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don't have any." -Alice Walker

(January 2018 Newsletter to Members)

This party’s primary mission is to serve the voters.  We serve every last one of them, whether they exercise their vote or not and whether they vote for us or not. Everything that does not contribute to that mission is a needless distraction. So the real content of “The State of the Party” newsletter should be focused on “The State of the Voter.” Since in this country the voter is given 100% of the political power the voter should get what the voter wants. Yet the voter is very unhappy because for all of their power, they cannot obtain true representation in our national government. They have been led to believe that they must choose between two candidates for every national office, neither of which represents them. Their power is thus made to appear neutralized and they are very frustrated. Any choice on the ballot other than a major party candidate is either blocked by excessive and undemocratic ballot access rules or mocked as a wasted vote. They are beginning to believe that they don’t have any power.

To help them, we need to break down the barriers that keep us off the ballot. We need to send a message to the voter that says we need each other to be able to fix what is wrong with politics today. It is never a wasted vote to select the candidate that represents your positions, your interests, and your dreams. It is always a wasted vote to either stay home or to cast a vote for someone who does not represent your positions, your interests, and your dreams. We have a campaign planned for 2018 to begin breaking down barriers barring us from representing our constituents. We will get out the message that voters can select us on the ballot and that we will represent them.

First on the list is a nationwide crowd funding campaign hosted by CrowdPAC. We have set a goal of $100000. This is 4000 people donating $25 each, which is very achievable with the social media campaign we will also kick off. Please go here to donate to this campaign. The site is live and this is the barrier we absolutely must break this year. We need your donations to make the goals at the bottom of this letter happen. You will help us support a number of candidates, get them on the ballot, and spread our message.

Next is the social media campaign. Jake Didinsky is our new National Communication Director and he plans to get our message across in a variety of ways.

  1. We will have an active social media agenda promoting our candidates. Jake has been in contact with our state leaders to discuss candidates and get information on them to use in promotions.
  2. We will also have Twitter coordination on events between now and November to spread our message when people and the press are paying attention to political events. This is a live Twitter party and we would like to encourage everyone’s participation. Hundreds of us tweeting at once will be the biggest megaphone we have had to date.
  3. We will make 30-60 second YouTube videos to get out our message.
  4. We will reach out to newspapers, particularly local ones with influence in the candidate’s elections. Jake has experience with sending them the right message to get them to interview our candidates,
  5. We will go to one of our strong demographics; millennials, and promote college campus chapters. Jake has already done so at his college and has attracted 50 students.

Also, we will be developing plans to have a convention in 2018, sometime before the end of summer. Goals are to provide a candidate platform and generate media buzz. If possible, we would like to have regional meetings as well to make travel less of a problem. Feeds would link all the sites together. Interesting speakers and the media would be invited. This is a lot of work so if any of you would like to join a convention committee please let me know. We would prefer that volunteers not be already overloaded with party work (as with the state chairs). Also, if you think you might attend a convention in Orlando or a regional convention closer to home, let me know as well. Nothing is in stone yet as there are a number of technical issues to discuss.

When hurricanes Harvey and Maria struck, creating problems few storms before them even approached, I asked you for ideas on what we could do to help victims of natural disasters in 2017. You responded with ideas well beyond what I had imagined. It was not practical for a political organization to do much more than ask for donations to help those already affected, so your answer was to help our neighbors prepare for disasters. This is very Whiggish. It is a solution where we can display our values and help avoid misery. We have some more details to hash out, but this is looking like a very promising initiative for 2018.

All of the above make up our peaceful and civil answer to the violent demonstrations, brutal attacks, and the theft of the right to be heard with your vote for 70% of Americans. The latter group has been silenced by being denied representation in our national government. In the past, this outrage would call for violence, but we have our own style of civil counter-offensive to begin this year.

Finally, it is time for the accountability stats at the bottom of this newsletter to make their return with some realistic goals. Let’s all work towards making some noise in 2018 with these. The image below is what we want to see more of: The Modern Whig Party on the ballot.


Five Goals
  • We will have candidates running in 10 states as Modern Whigs on November 6 (voting barrier)
  • We will have ballot access in 8 states before November 6 (voting barrier)
  • We will make $100000 in our donation campaign by November 6 (voting and message barrier) 
  • We will support 100 candidates nationwide in 2018. Each of them will reach either half or 20000 of their voters with our message (voting and message barrier) 
  • We will reach 200000 voters with our message by November 6 (message barrier)

Dale Ritchie is the National Chair of the Modern Whig Party  

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