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I support the Modern Whig Party, because it is a privilege to serve the people of this Great Nation. Where laws should be passed because they make sense in supporting America not the politician.  I also support the history of the Whig Party, where we (America) have slowly become an Oligarchy, where many common people with great ideas should be able to serve and not because they need a lot of money to do so. With the divide in our government right now we need a new party that will step up and unite this Great Nation again with common sense, practical spending, and safety for all it's Citizens.  Lastly just like the President there should be term limits on the Senate and House, two terms in each then there should be new people in.  Politics was not meant to profession, it was to serve the people.   

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    Q: What trait is most important to you for an elected leader, such as a mayor, governor and president?
    A: Military background

    Traits of a Leader

    Whether a candidate is running for City Council, Mayor, State Legislature, Governor, Congress or President there are some traits or qualifications we look for as a society.  As Whigs, what are the traits that you look for in a candidate for any of these offices?

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