MWP February 2018 Newsletter


(This newsletter went out in an email to the party membership)

I am very encouraged by the talent we have added or promoted over the last 3 months. 

We have added state chairs Jason Lewis in Alaska, Gregory Sturtz in Arizona. Daniel Read in Colorado, Hank Thayer in Connecticut, Jim Cain in Florida, Adam Oppenheimer in Illinois, Dan Smith in Michigan, Rob Miller in Nevada, Jeffrey Kees in New Mexico, Jason Goodfriend in North Carolina, and Tim Cotton in Virginia.  We have promoted Michael Burger to West Region Chair, Isaac Gibson to State Chair in Missouri, and James Hazen to California State Chair.  We have also added Jake Didinsky as Communications Director.  All of them have added true zeal and energy to this party.

We have discussed moving forward with WhigWorks and Andrew Evans will be taking lead in drafting the charter.  Please note that we have two former national chairs working hard for the party now; Andrew Evans and Michael Burger.  Also note that this organization will be purely service oriented, not political, and the national leadership must not be national leaders in the Modern Whig Party.  Both organizations will share common philosophies and of course members in one can be members in the other.  We need anyone even remotely interested in participating in one of two boards or working in the field for this organization to send me a note at  One board will be concerned with governing the national organization, the other with governing the volunteers in the field.   

We are up to $2424 in our fund drive on CrowdPac.  While this is not as much as we were hoping for, it is a lot compared to our normal donations.  If you have any contacts with folks who can afford a large donation and would like to give birth to a national centrist campaign, please ask them.  This is important as things in Washington will not get better simply depending upon the major parties.  They need a push.  We need more from all of you as well.  Give what you can. 

We are responding to the state of the Union speech on social media.  One of our candidates from Virginia, Peter Carey, will be responding on YouTube.  We will try and spread the wealth having a different candidate make YouTube videos as the staff gets scripts or talking points together.    

Folks, no one responded to the call for help planning the Orlando Convention so we are moving it to DC.  We know we can get 25-50 participants from Virginia alone as they just had a successful state convention with great participation.  We will also draw a good number from Maryland and the East Coast.  All we need is some volunteers to help organize it.  Also, let me know if you can come, so we can adjust the room sizes.  Not an obligation to come, just let me know if you are interested in coming.  Email me at either of the email addresses above. 

As mentioned, Virginia had a state convention, elected party officers, choose representatives for a national convention, and nominated Peter Carey to run for Congress as a Whig in Virginia’s 11th Congressional District.  Their convention had about the same number of attendees as the national convention in 2016 which is a great testament to the party’s strength in that state.  Email Tim if you can help as they plan to launch more congressional races and need all hands.

Adam Oppenheimer has been on fire getting a lot accomplished in a few weeks as Illinois state chair.  He has reached out to try to cooperate with other third parties in the state, is looking into a petition drive for ballot access, and has established a college campus branch of the party with 12 members.   Email him at if you can help in Illinois.

James Flom in Montana has also been working on a petition for ballot access in Montana.  He could use your help if you are in Montana.  Email him at

Jim Cain has turned in Florida’s requirements for ballot access and is waiting for its approval by the Florida secretary of state.  This will open up one of our most populous states to running Whig candidates.  Email him at if you can help.

Aaron Reedy in Ohio is working on legislation to submit to help borrowers by giving them a grace period on the 2 point credit score drop when asking for a loan.  This is the kind of creativity and service to our constituents we should be doing.  We are helping in any way we can.  Contact Aaron at

One final note:  We are hitting a lot of spam blockers in sending out party email.  If possible, please allow domain mail access.

Thanks again for all the hard work and for supporting the party as it tries to help the country. 

Status of 2018 Goals:

Candidates running in 10 states   2 of 10    20%

We will have ballot access in 8 states    1 of 8   12.5%

We will make $100000 in our donation campaign   $2424   2.4%

We will support 100 candidates nationwide in 2018.   2 of 100   2%

We will reach 200000 voters with our message     <1%


Dale Ritchie is the National Chair of the Modern Whig Party  

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