What are your views regarding Federal Government?

Hello there Whigs ! I am so eager to be apart of this great website ! I just want shoot a simple question with complex implications: What do you think of the Federal Government ? Some people want to dissolve it right away, others believe it is a tool to be used for social well being. I look forward to all responses !

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  • Grant Jensen
    commented 2016-04-01 11:34:23 -0400
    I agree that the federal government is capable of implementing governing practices and policies that states and local governments cannot. However I personally feel as though there are programs such as medicine or education in which we would be better off if the federal government forces the states to do their job instead of doing the job themselves. There is safety in diversity of done appropriately; not because groups of governments are less corruptible than one government but because it is a system in which we can minimize our failures and share our accomplishments.
  • Grant Jensen
    commented 2016-03-30 00:46:30 -0400
    At least in California there have been several corruption investigations on local governments conducted by the FBI. I am very grateful for this service/check they provide for the people. I don’t think that they should be administering as many direct aid/policy programs as they are. They should leave most of it to be administered locally and by the states. It is hard to say where the line will be in every issue but i think we have gone in the wrong direction and that letting them be a watch dog over how the states or local governments implement their own programs would be a better direction to go in.
  • Grant Jensen
    tagged this with good 2016-03-30 00:46:29 -0400