Coffee Party USA ?

Hello Whigs ! What is your your opinion on the Coffee Party movement ? It seems to have originated as an antithesis of the Tea Party. But by some things I have read, it looks more moderate/Centrist at the present time. Has anyone attended a meeting of the sorts/know anybody who is apart of it ?

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  • Shawn Clement
    commented 2016-10-22 15:36:02 -0400
    I’m writing this on 22 Oct 16; I’m looking at the Coffee party now and it appears that after six years and in my opinion it is more of a (vlogger?), there doesn’t appear to be any outreach outside of a small group of friends. They do have radio shows that I haven’t listened to yet. As for platforms; They are very limited in views though they match up quite well with several Modern Whig Party values. Electoral reform matches closely. Portions of their law reform match but I’m not exactly sure what they mean by “Corporations have a responsibility to respect and support employees and the general public.”. Tax code is vague, what do they mean and to what extent “reduce our debt, enhance society, and create economic growth.” They don’t detail what is ‘Fair Tax’ is it a Hillary Clinton fair tax where top 1% (those who create our jobs) paying 7 out of every $10s earned? Is it a Flat tax? or even a consumption tax? They don’t go into it. They also match quite well in their views of empowering the people. They lack any Foreign Policy, Immigration, National Defense, Veterans Issues, Social Programs, Energy policy, and so much more. Certainly the Modern Whigs started out very limited in our platform, but after six years we already had leadership in most states, a core values to build platforms, a few thousand members, and a few locally elected members.

    I do not like that they charge $$ to become a member, especially when it appears no member has run for office. What are their expenditures? I personally would like for one of the leaders which are active in radio to make contact with their ‘party’ in radio conversations and either flesh out their views or invite them to merge. They are to small to take over our party so the threat of being hijacked is limited.