May 2018 Newsletter


The Virginia team had its second quarter meeting on April 28 with about two dozen in attendance. 

They discussed ways to build infrastructure and to collect donations for candidates. They also nominated Andrew Franke to run for city council in Elkton.   Attendees included two Whig congressional candidates and author Michael Bajek, who gave a presentation on his book on the need for a national centrist party.  It should be finished soon. 

I would like to add that all levels of candidates can be good for the party, win or lose, as we are getting the word out and those candidates that win can firmly implant an example of our philosophies of service, character, and courage in their constituent’s minds for all future elections.  There is still time to convince independent candidates to join us after they are elected.  Your county or state election websites are one way to proactively search for them and let them know about us.  You can also look for campaign materials and make contact in that manner. 

In Utah, they are planning for a petition run in the latter half of 2018 and can use your help.  The same will be true in other states soon so a word in general about what this duty is like if you wish to help collect signatures in your state.  Ideally we can set up a booth at a polling place or event and the voters can come to you.  This is much faster than going to the voters, but does not leave as deep a connection.   More time allows you to listen to voters as well as tell them about us.  There will need to be a short set of instructions given for either method and forms for collecting information will be made available to you.  There may be residency requirements for petition circulators depending upon the state.

Colorado is writing its state bylaws which is one step in getting ready to start a state chapter.  Other tasks in becoming an active state chapter include electing an executive committee, registering as a political party chapter with the state, fulfilling ballot access requirements, and opening a bank account.  This process varies a great deal from state to state.  Contact your state chair if you would like to help. 

Pennsylvania is working to get several candidate ballot access petitions signed.  They need your help if you live near Philadelphia or in the Pittsburg area.  They would also like to establish chapters on the college campuses in the state.  Contact Kalen Spencer at if you can help.

We still need help at the national level with messaging and social media.  The last note did get some help with contributors, but still no leader.   We have had this position open for most of the last two years and it definitely shows.  Please volunteer or talk to someone else who can. 

Welcome Jonathan Etheridge as our new Tennessee state chair.  Jonathan is quite a statistician so we will be tapping him as an in-house expert as time allows.  If you want to congratulate Jonathan or offer to help in Tennessee you can contact Jonathan at   

Finally, our North Carolina state chair made a nice attention getting sign and passed out literature for the party in Matthews.  This is what it takes to grow a state chapter so give him some help in North Carolina if you can.  Contact him at


Dale Ritchie

National Chair

Modern Whig Party

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  • Donald Eldred
    followed this page 2018-05-27 08:28:40 -0400
  • Sergey Nechayev
    commented 2018-05-15 20:17:30 -0400
    Dear Dale Ritchie,
    I think that the political ideals of your party are very important and could begin a new optimism in America. However, I think that your political strategy will doom you to being an asterisk. First, the name of your party: Most Americans (except the educated ones) probably slept through the five minutes in their HS American history course when the Whig Party was discussed, so the historical meaning of the name will not serve any real purpose. The name always sounded funny to me — the association with wigs — and it always seemed old fashioned. There is a reason that the former Whigs switched to the name “Republican”.
    Second, and more important: starting a 3rd party is probably a losing political strategy. Political parties are about winning elections. The choice of the name and the 3rd party strategy suggest that you are idealists who aren’t seriously interested in winning elections. You might have an influence on American political thought, which is a laudable goal, but you won’t win elections this way. How many 3rd parties in American history have won the presidency? The Republicans had already become one of the 2 parties by the time Lincoln won — they were no longer a 3rd party and they had a mass base.
    I would suggest that you adopt a more modern sounding name (every decision matters in a political struggle) and that you start as a caucus in the Republican Party grounded on your political beliefs. You can always become a party at a later date when you have a mass base and the time is right, or you can take over the Republican Party as you grow. Either strategy could possibly win. The choice is between being a political sideshow vs. eventually becoming a real political force that can win elections. a web site is not a real political party.
  • @ModernWhigs tweeted this page. 2018-05-01 20:32:36 -0400