March 2018 Newsletter


February and early March have seen a continuation of our adding some impressive talent by adding state chairs Ryan Campbell in New York, and Kalen Spencer in Pennsylvania.

This fills out the top nine most populous states.   We are working on filling the top fifteen soon.  I also want to make a correction, Bert Illmann is Outreach Director in Oregon.

In Virginia, in addition to Peter Carey, the party nominee for CD11, they now have a Whig running as an independent in CD 9, Scott Blankenship.  He is doing this for strategic reasons.  They are also in dialogue with other possible endorsements and nominations.  The Virginia team is not only finding candidates but working to ensure they have their paperwork set, webpages complete etc. as they begin to raise funds for these ventures.  They have also secured airtime on a local TV station for Pete Carey and a donated commercial production.  The state chair, Tim Cotton, appeared on a podcast and did a great job representing our views.  They are also working to fill seats on their state central committee to better represent the people of the state and meet legal ballot name recognition. Meeting petitioning for ballot access will be the next priority as they need 1000 signatures per congressional candidate.  They are also making preparation for another state party meeting in late April.  Finally, they have been engaged with the Virginia General Assembly Session on bills involving Ranked Choice Voting, Industrial Hemp Production, Medicinal Marijuana, and other election reform bills.  If you want to chat with them about what is going on in Virginia, email Tim Cotton at

In California, Alan Reynolds has achieved ballot access for a run for CA assembly seat in district 41 as an independent.  Currently there are only two candidates with ballot access for that race in California’s upcoming top two primary.  There is one Democrat and one Independent (Alan) in what is a solid Democratic district.  If this stands, Alan would automatically advance past the primaries and make it to the general election.   Alan knows that another Democrat is trying to get ballot access, however.  If he is successful, the two Democrats will have to split the Democratic votes, leaving Alan with everything else.   This is going to be interesting either way.   Alan is a good strategist and knows how to get the most out of limited resources.  If you want to help this campaign look for him on our current candidates page or contact James Hazen at

In Utah, they are taking what they have learned from the last try at ballot access and getting prepared for another try starting this November.  Folks, you only fail if you quit before you succeed.  My hat is off to them for trying again.  Let’s learn the mechanics of ballot access petitioning and persistence from them.  Ask them questions at

In New York, Ryan Campbell has just been installed as state chair and has already responded to a problem.  Ask him about the New York response to school violence if interested at   

In North Carolina, Jason Goodfriend is working with noted economist Dr. Laurence Kotlikoff to make appearances to explain to a national audience the severity of our debt problem.  While it is often reported that the national debt is 20 Trillion dollars, our obligations over the next 50 years make that number $200 Trillion in funds we are obligated to pay.  This is of course grossly underfunded which means we will have to raise that entire amount or default.  The major parties are not talking about it as taxes and entitlements are painful territory to them with their limited positions on both.   It is up to centrists to find the answers and Dr. Kotlikoff has developed a plan to pay for it without breaking the economy.  People need to know the truth about the debt and we support this effort. 

Jason is also working with a volunteer at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte (UNCC) to start up a student Whig chapter at UNCC.   He has also received permissions to set up an outdoor 'stand' to give out literature, recruit new members, and get registered voters to sign our petition to get on the ballot in NC.   If you have questions about the work in NC please email

In Arizona they are getting organized under a new state chair Greg Sturtz.  Some volunteers have come forward and they expect to fill the state executive committee soon.  This is how you start building an organization from scratch and we appreciate the progress.  If you have any questions about what is happening in Arizona or how you can help please email

In Pennsylvania they are getting ready for a ballot access drive and running several candidates at the state level.  The plan is to have several petitions for candidates and the party ready for the voter to sign at one time.  Unlike other states, a voter can be affiliated with another party and still sign the petition.  The best day for this is primary day in mid-May where candidates and parties can set up tables outside of the polls and collect signatures.  This is a very well organized effort that will minimize the time volunteers have to spend while maximizing results.  If you are interested in helping collect signatures, please contact state chair Kalen Spencer at

In Ohio, Aaron Reedy and his team are working on some legislature issues and making connections with local higher educational institutions to have MWP chapters represented.  They have received a lot of requests for pamphlets/brochures for people to hand out and they are printing and sending them as time allows.  If you have ever printed and mailed hundreds of flyers, brochures, and cards, you know the time and cost involved is not trivial.  They are also working on a state proposal for responding to school violence.  If you have any questions for Aaron Reedy and his team please email them at   

As you can see, there is a lot going on across the country.  All of these things take time and money, mainly ballot access and distribution materials.  Please donate and volunteer what time and money you can.  Thanks again for all the hard work and for supporting the party as it tries to help the country. 

Candidates running in 10 states       20%

We will have ballot access in 8 states     0%

We will make $100000 in our donation campaign      2.4%

We will support 100 candidates nationwide in 2018.    4%

We will reach 200000 voters with our message     <1%


Dale Ritchie

National Chair

Modern Whig Party

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