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  • commented on Contact Us 2017-03-15 18:29:06 -0400
    In your March update, a statement about healthcare was made that, rolled up as: “Americans have spoken clearly on what they want. They want a plan that controls costs, allows them to choose the insurance plan best for their families, allows them to choose the provider they trust, is sustainable, and that covers everyone regardless of employment status or pre-existing conditions.” This was followed by a statement that lays the blame for failing to deliver these lofty demands at the feet of the two dominant parties. For a party that stands on integrity, it is disheartening to see such a position. First of all, there is not one chance in hell that the demands will be met 100%. While the public has made these ideals known, they have also balked constantly at the prospect of having to pay for them in the form of any taxation at all. The demands also fail to recognize that it is impossible to support a free-for-all choice of any doctor, at any cost, under a plan that is low cost (since that is good for all families it is implied in the demand), and cover everyone, regardless of employment and health, across the board. The Whig party would do well to stand on its practical foundation and take a stand that universal health care, offering a baseline of quality care, through an affordable program formulated round a national level HMO program, should be made available to all, for a reasonable price. Further, for those who desire more control and more selection options, that too should be available – at the expense of the individuals who feel this is a value they must have for themselves and their families. Yes, that means the rich get higher cost and higher quality care – that is the way of the world that cannot be overcome, while any effort to deny it or hold the entire topic hostage to eliminating this inequality does far more harm from failing to cover millions in need, is ridiculous. Any party that forwards the notion that there will ever be a free multiple choice, open enrollment, affordable for all program to meet the demands as stated in the March update, is as disingenuous as those in the current two party oligarchy selling us a bill of falsehoods and empty promises, while picking our pockets. One might be well advised to understand that the USA is the only free democracy without universal health care. This is only partly due to politicians playing games. It is mostly due to the unrealistic expectation of a population that the USA can devise a system of universal health care that is not available anywhere else in the world (totally free choice of programs and doctors, with access by all, at a low cost). There is a reason that all universal health care around the world works the way it does – it is reality, and the only form of coverage that the general public can afford. Until this reality sinks in and compromise is accepted to the lofty ideology, millions will remain without coverage, costs will continue to rise, and the end game of universal care will never be realized. The Whig party needs to grow a pair and make a stand on the reality of this subject and not pander to populist fantasy in an effort to grow its ranks.

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    Its time for something better than a bipolar divided nation. Check out the @ModernWhigs I just joined.


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