School Violence -- The Whole Story

Our children now fight a war when they enter the schoolhouse every morning. Their lives at risk due to the issues facing society. We have involved them in our messes, and we now face a penalty. Our kids brawl in the schools we built for them. This is a tragic flaw in our society. But, how can we stop the battles in our schools? The potential solutions are endless.

First, we reeducate the children. Show them the destructive beast that is violence. Reform them. Show them a future that they never had a chance to grasp before. This seems beautifully enticing, but this path doesn’t make good on several fronts. Our children hardly ever listen to their teachers, for one; who’s to say they’ll listen to a reeducation program? Another, can you imagine the cost of a program that huge? The DARE program estimated to cost one billion dollars, our government has already spent enough - thanks.

So, reeducation isn’t what we’re looking for, what other bright ideas are there? Next, we discuss gun control. At the risk of sounding unprofessional, this teaches our children nothing. Our children now are learning, instead, that there’s a ten day waiting period after passing a background check. Is this what we want our children to learn? Instead of teaching them to dangers of violence, we teach them that they can’t have guns, whatsoever, any way you cut it.

Alright, that’s two solutions down, how many more can there be? Next, is the genius plan to arm the schools. Oh boy… To ignore the obvious flaw in this one, well, it’s a crime. To display the problem with this plan, I’ll start listing some characteristics of a structure, you tell me what it is.. You can’t just walk out, there are armed guards by the doors, and the people there are stressed out to the point that they could go off any second. No, not a prison, that’s a school. Alright, we’re done here.

The final solution, is to remove violence from the public mind. When major news channels run stories 24/7 about a school shooting, the kid becomes familiar with the idea of shooting up a school. The same goes for all forms of media. Now, violence has been in the media since the media existed, but media has never been able to be accessed by asking your phone for the latest headlines. We are now a society of headlines and grabbers, and this spreads the idea of shooting up a school.

Oh boy, that’s depressing. As Whigs we need to push for changes against school violence. We need to change society as a whole. Our own society is pushing for the end of school violence — but we’ve no clue where to start.

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