The emperors have no clothes - the ugly truth about our politics.....

Just the other day I tuned into some discussion amongst pundits about the two major party candidates and it struck me – why do they, and we the people, accept such poor choices from the two major parties time and time again? Their discussion, given that perspective, was worse than academic – it detracted from the stark reality we’ve been experiencing for quite some time now – CLEARLY, the emperors have no clothes, although they still try and make us believe they do. For those who have known and experienced true leadership, you must know that there is a selflessness about it. True leaders speak in terms of us, we, our team, our mission. They often swallow their own egos – that is the “zen” of true leadership. What we get from the two major parties is often quite the opposite – short-sighted individuals pursuing nothing but their own self-interest, their quest for financial security, or fulfillment of their egos. They say anything to us that forwards their personal goals, knowing full well they won’t be accountable in the future. This is exacerbated by the demographics of our elected representatives, who tend to be predominantly from the “me” generation. For empirical evidence, please take another look at the two major parties candidates for President. Both speak in terms of me and I in their natural state – artificial campaign slogans don’t count in our stark reality check here. So the pundits talk about Don’s ties, or Hillary’s insular control of the press, as the raw truth is hard for them, and us, to accept. We have been, and continue, to be given exceptionally poor choices which end up being leaders-in-name only. How many times have we heard “ they all become the same once elected”? Indeed, myopic self-interest is remarkably similar even across many actors or even now, between these two major parties. They look all the same. When will we the people move beyond this state of denial and realize that the two major parties have outlived their usefulness? When will the press finally question all their assumptions and start to move us to that truth and reality? Why has it taken so long to see the truth? It should be VERY CLEAR to all on November 8th, the best candidates are not the ones the party controlled system has produced. And, unfortunately, they never will be. The time is now to start to dismantle the “castle walls” the two majors have elected and let competition of ideas, instead of the almighty dollar, be our primary tool of governance and protection of our beloved Republic. Our Republic needs true selfless leaders. "Party" is NOT part of that equation.

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  • Shawn Clement
    commented 2016-10-20 00:57:33 -0400
    I think that IF a person intends to run for President or Congress as a third party, the person needs to start NOW and run a four year campaign. It is important that individuals devise their platform and share with multiple third parties in order to gain name recognition, core supporters, fliers, flesh out policies, etc. As undesirable as Donald Trump is (and I will be voting for him) he proved one thing. A person can be competitive by building massive twitter & facebook supporters. This will get the person a lot of exposure and as long as the supporters (& candidate) stay on message it can cut down advertising costs. These sources of media also bring a candidate into the limelight of independant radio which would love to bring the exposure.

    As it stands right now third parties are not viable options in the Federal arena outside of the Libertarian and Green Parties. Both have been around for decades and only during this election has anyone really noticed them. The two major parties have created laws that smother third party candidates so only a minute number of people have ever heard of them. I will vote for lesser of two evils that I am familiar with over one I have no idea who they are. That is the problem, money will come with exposure and that is why I believe the 2nd paragraph is so important.
  • Gene Chaas
    commented 2016-08-30 12:10:31 -0400
    Apologize for no paragraphs. Makes this hard to read.
  • Modern Whig East Region
    published this page in Whig Forums 2016-08-30 11:47:26 -0400