Valuable Information For Those Filing Disability Claims With The Veterans Administration

One of the things I am tasked with as Director of Veterans and Active Duty Affairs for the Modern Whig Party is to be on the lookout for information of value to our Veterans. Today I came across a book which I believe every veteran should obtain. The title of the book is: The Road to VA Compensation Benefits, by Matthew Hill with Brenda Duplantis. This book is being provided FREE by the authors to Veterans Centers nationwide so that they can distribute them to veterans. The book is only 66 pages long but it covers all the essentials with regard to filing a claim for disability compensation Inside the front of the book is the following statement: "This book provides information about the VA claims process broken down into simple terms. For more in depth information about specific VA rules and regulations, please visit the blog on our website" I really, REALLY recommend that you either go to a Veterans Center and acquire this book and read it thoroughly OR contact Matthew Hill via the above website or the phone number he has conveniently listed at the bottom of every page of the book: 1-800-784-8247. Since he is volunteering to send it in bulk to Veterans Centers at no expense to the receiver, I doubt he would balk at sending you a copy directly. I suspect that this book may become scarce soon, so get it while you can.

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