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The madness must cease.  Common sense and rationality have departed government.  Partisan politics and special interest money have overcome the common man's ability to voice his or her concerns in an effective way.  Someone has to break the deadlock and return the nation to a logical and rational approach to effective government and it will take a third party to do it.  Current fiscal and economic policy have lead to the destruction of the working middle class.  If changes are not made, eventually we will be left with a feudalistic society where the very rich control the means of production and government, and everyone else struggles at the bottom of the income curve.  Common sense says that to maintain a strong and vibrant economy, we must strengthen the middle class.

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  • published Career event for Vets in San Antonio in Whig Forums 2016-06-01 20:40:00 -0400

    Career event for Vets in San Antonio

    Military MOJO will be hosting a career event for Veterans holding a degree on June 16th, 2016, in San Antonio, TX. Here's the link to their website:

  • The following information regarding a scam targeting veterans was forwarded to me today...

    Zachary Becenti, a member of the Whig Veteran's Committee out of Texas just sent me a link to information regarding a scam targeting veterans. I've included the link at the end of this post. Please pass this information on to every veteran or serving military member that you may know. Here's the link:

  • published Next Road Trip... in Whig Forums 2016-04-19 14:51:41 -0400

    Next Road Trip...

    As the MWP Director of Veteran's and Active Duty Affairs, I try to meet with Veterans and Military Members across the country, wherever I happen to be at the time. Over the next few weeks, I will be traveling to the east coast, and while there I will be available to sit down and meet with anyone who wishes to discuss issues and to develop solutions to them. I will arrive in Richmond, VA the evening of April 28th and I will be staying in Midlothian, VA until May 1st. On May 1st I will drive down to Camp Butner, NC (about 20 miles from Durham) and I will return to Midlothian on May 2nd in the evening. I will again head to Camp Butner on May 4th through May 8th, return to Midlothian again the evening of May 8th, and fly back to Alaska on May 10th. Somewhere in all this, I intend to head north to the Annapolis area, but I haven't firmed up the dates for that as of yet.. If you are in or close to one of these areas and would like to meet, email me at or leave a comment here.

  • commented on Should allowing discussion on this forum be a Whig concern? 2016-04-01 12:33:21 -0400
    Brandon, it might be broken. As far as I know, there is no censorship at all. I certainly don’t have the ability to delete anything on here, and I am not aware of anyone doing so. As far as people commenting on my daily reading exercise, well, with no one really discussing anything on here, I just decided to throw some bread upon the waters and see what fish came up for a nibble. The party is formulating a platform, and current events and views seem relevant to that effort. The issue of party dues didn’t come from the paper, but it is the most commented on post I have done so far. Given the lack of participation (or so I thought) I just figured that any discussion I could get started would be good for the party. I know that I brought up the possibility of moving the forums to the “front page” where it could be more visible, because my impression was that participation might be light since people have to “dig down” several layers even to get to the forums section. That suggestion was voted down. At any rate, you’ve given me something to respond to, and discuss, which to me seems to be progress. I noticed yesterday that only the subject line box appeared when I went to post, and that erased itself once I hit the enter key. The next time I signed in, I got the subject field and the text field for the actual post, and it worked. I might point out, that if you do not get two grey boxes to type in, (one subject line, and one for the body of your text) then something is wrong and you should log out and sign back in to try to reset it. Maybe when people are posting, they are mistakenly trying to post the entire message in the subject line and it gets lost due to character length limitations. I’m not a tech guru so I don’t know how to fix this, but sometimes you get both boxes, and others you get just one, and it doesn’t work when you get just one. I hope this is helpful.

  • Should we shutter the VA Healthcare System?

    Today, as usual, I was perusing the news when I came across an article on Military.Com which asks the question: Should we end VA healthcare? The article references the commission recommendation to shutter VA healthcare facilities nation-wide and reduce the VA Healthcare Administration to the equivalent of a third party payor. The article does present some cogent arguments against such a move, and based on personal experience, I don’t think this is a good idea. After my last VA annual physical exam, I needed an orthopedic consult. Unlike previous consultation requests, which were handled in house, the VA decided to forward my appointment requirement to the new Veteran’s Choice Program. Veteran’s Choice is a program for veterans who live more than 40 miles from a VA Healthcare Facility (Hospital) to be able to be approved for appointments with providers in their local community. I just happen to live in a State that does not have a VA healthcare facility. In Alaska, there is an outpatient surgical center in Anchorage, and some Community Based Outpatient Clinics, but no hospital. After three weeks of back and forth calling with no appointment in sight, I opted out of Veteran’s Choice (or more correctly, declined to opt in). I then went to integrated care who scheduled my appointment as usual and I got seen. The problems with Veteran’s Choice in Alaska stem from the fact that in many communities, there is no civilian provider for the required service. Further, for several years, I had been seen in-house at the VA orthopedic clinic in Anchorage, and all my images and records were there, so for continuity of care purposes, I preferred to stick with the (actually quite good) doctors I had been working with. At any rate, the proposal to shutter VA facilities nation-wide would leave everyone with the equivalent of Veteran’s Choice, and I just am not convinced that this is a good thing. Read the article at the web address which follows, and feel free to sound off in response to this post.

  • commented on Dues or no dues, that is the question... 2016-05-12 19:03:33 -0400
    Just so nobody thinks I am ignoring the discussion here, I figured I should drop a note in. Responses have been mostly in favor of some sort of dues structure. There have been a number of suggestions as to what that should be. I will be downloading all responses this weekend so that I can attempt to compile all the feedback into an actual dues proposal to be voted on at the upcoming convention in Indianapolis. There has been considerable support for reduced rates for certain categories, and almost certainly some form of this will be incorporated into the final proposal. Also, be aware that that proposal in an of itself is not a final document, as it can, and likely will be modified at the convention if not rejected outright.

  • Necessary Amendments to the Constitution? My Daily Read 2/23/2016

    Greetings Fellow Whigs ( to you curious others who might be reading this), I came across this article on line from Huffington Post today while skimming through the news. The author makes an argument for three proposed constitutional amendments:  One regarding judicial appointments, another defining the term "Natural Born Citizen", and finally one which deals with equal rights.  Lately, I have also seen a push for an amendment supporting term limits, and I myself have suggested an amendment which changes the way members of both houses of Congress are paid (putting their pay under the control of their respective state legislatures).  At any rate, I would hope you will read this article at the address provided at the end of this post, and as always, comment freely.  Your opinions in these matters do count, especially as we in the MWP attempt to restore representative government to the United States.  You can read the article here:

  • commented on Presidential Candidates Without Military Service: 2016-05-12 21:38:25 -0400
    Jules, most of our founding fathers were “unproven, filthy rich neophytes” in their day. And Robert, I agree with you that there is currently no Whig or Third Party candidate who would be viable come this November. However, I am thinking that perhaps a Trump Presidency would set the conditions that would make that choice possible in 2020 while a Clinton Presidency would not.

  • Saving the middle class starts with things like welfare reform - from My Daily Read 2/9/2016

    Here we go again, I've been beating the drum for saving the middle class for a long time, but apparently the State of Maine has actually done something that meets the Whig test for common sense! To reduce the burden of welfare to able bodied single persons, they are requiring them to WORK (what a concept!) and in doing so they have reduced that portion of their food stamp program by 80%. This in turn cuts down on the cost of welfare that our taxes must fund. The link to the article I found during my daily read is at the end of this post. Please read it for yourself and let me know here how you feel about implementing this policy nationwide:

  • Bernie Sanders and taxing our way to social medicine...

    Today I was surfing the news feeds as I usually do, when I came across this article from Motley Fool… I’ve read several articles about Bernie Sanders and how he thinks we can move to universal single payer health care and finance it through tax hikes, but this is the first article I have seen that breaks it down into individual tax brackets. There is also a bit of analysis on long term economic effects. Let’s put all that to the side for a minute though, and examine one question: Is it right, or even fair to tax people at ever increasing rates as they work hard and earn more money? One of the principles of the American system is capitalism. Capitalism encourages people to work harder and make more money. After all, that’s how you move up. That’s how you realize the American Dream. Or so we have all been told. The biggest failure in the Sanders tax plan is this: It de-incentivizes work. There is really no reason to work harder if the government is going to take bigger and bigger chunks of your income away if you are successful. This is true of the current system also, but Sanders’ plan further punishes those who are successful. It is hard to see people not doing their own very personal cost-benefit analysis and deciding that at some certain point it simply isn’t worth trying to earn more if the government is going to take it away. What the Sanders plan does is move the break-even point down the income spectrum. Those already rich will offshore their wealth, or hide it in some of the many tax shelters their high priced lawyers and accountants will devise. The guy in the middle will again get screwed. I have to give Bernie some credit though. He’s planning on screwing over the guy at the bottom too, by apparently a modest 2.2%. Yet another great step towards the socialist feudal paradise. You can read the article at the link below. Let me hear your thoughts on this.

  • NOW is your chance to be a part of the effort for positive change in America!

    I just sent in my RSVP for the MWP National Convention, May 21st, 2016, in Indianapolis, IN. I will be there to discuss Veterans Issues as well as the other matters up before the party general membership. Now is the time to get your voice heard and insure that the Modern Whig Party represents you and moves in a positive direction. Don't just talk, DO. See you in Indianapolis.

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    2016 Convention Registration


    Thank you for RSVPing to our 2016 National Convention! To finish the registration process, please purchase your ticket in the box to the left. A receipt will be sent to you for your records.

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