Hello, I am a New Member. Please Forgive me for not using my true name. I tend not to like the idea, of people looking me up on the internet. Protection of family thing. I am also a member however as myself. Just for posting purposes, I prefer this.

I am seeing, at least from the more liberal news organizations. A lot of talk about fake news. It seems they are claiming the whole election may have been lost because of it. They are it seems also blaming Facebook. Apparently Facebook, is reacting in some fashion to try to limit the propagation of Fake News. There is little doubt Fake news exists. The goals of those propagating it. Probably fall into three or more categories. Some actually financially benefit directly from producing and distributing Fake News. Some are politically motivated, with the hope of either rallying the like minded or harming the reputation of those they are against. Some may simply be for the Fun of Seeing if they can get a Fake News story to spread.

Its fair to say False information Meme's are rampant on Face book, especially over this last campaign season. Though they don't qualify as news. I would suggest they are popularly propagated none the less for the same motivations.

My Statement is to say. There is concern of those, mentioned above, in the Media and such. That are very concerned about Fake News. They are giving it a name of Post Truth. Yet they don't seem to understand why it is apparently so effective.

I believe it is safe to say. The easiest lie to get someone to believe. Is the lie that supports their beliefs and preconceived notions.

So we have to ask ourselves. Why would people want to believe? Especially to believe those reports that seem rather obvious as bogus. It is my belief that we have reached a point in America under the dominant Two Party system. That the fear of loosing in these elections to the opposing ideology is so great. That it obligates those who lean toward a particular ideology to support any claim that favors their team. That we as Americans feel compelled to accept anything a candidate says. To ignore any failing and Justify it. Simply for the fear. Of how horrible the world will become if the other side gets into power.

I believe as The Modern Whig Party. We should make the case. In asking our Fellow Citizens. Ask them; Do they believe this is good for America? Is this acceptance of corruption and dishonesty for fear of loosing, what they want for America?

We should make the Case. That the only solution to stop the Madness of supporting all that we hate about Politics and Politicians is a new party.

A Party built upon Principles at least similar to the ones we have established. That this is the purpose of this new Party.

I recognize as a New Member, I may be told. This is exactly what MWP is doing already. I am still catching up on reading all that is available on this Website. However I am interested in Participating and I have been annoyed that the Media seems fixated on telling everyone how to think. Yet fails to have the introspection and reporting on why Fake news might be popular.

Besides assuming again all us Citizens are just stupid, that is. They wonder why conservatives hate them when anytime they don't go along with their reporting. They fall back on their belief that we are just stupid and gullible.

Thank you, I look forward to any thoughts or input.


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  • Jules Hilliard
    commented 2017-11-29 14:38:37 -0500
    The best way to negate fake news is the TRUTH.
  • Matt Jacobsen
    commented 2017-07-25 14:25:39 -0400
    I just looked over the forum after not doing so for a while. Interesting points brought up. What’s very interesting is looking back at the phrase “Fake News” as it was shortly after the election. The very phrase has turned back against the media, and it is a favorite to be used against them by their opponents.

    All going back to your point of “it obligates those who lean toward a particular ideology to support any claim that favors their team”, and I’d take it a step further that what we see is denouncing anything that is contradictory to their ideology. People are choosing their news reports/facts to support their opinions & refute those they disagree with.
  • Theodore Theopolos
    commented 2016-12-17 23:28:27 -0500
    Given the manifestation of violence (or threat of it) in a DC pizzeria, Fake News must be addressed for the sake of good politics. No doubt that this hyper-partisan atmosphere deprives many a sense of hope that they will drink anything put in front of them, and turns decent people into the assailant of last week’s incident. My professor the other day went over an article about the culprit’s first interview since the arrest, and I found in perturbing. He lived a normal life at the age of 28 years old in a small town in Massachusetts with two daughters. Despite not voting for either of the two main candidates for president, he recently received internet service and began to continuously read these Fake News and listen to Alex Jones, but did not take him seriously on everything. Somehow, enough of these articles congregated into an entire scholarship of theories of sex trafficking through a DC pizzeria orchestrated by none other than the former First Lady of the United States, and all because the pizzeria’s owner asked her if she would do a fundraiser at his establishment. Let me repeat, there exist a scholarship of outlandishly malicious, fictitious articles of a former First Lady of the United States being the mastermind of child sex-trafficking in a DC PIZZERIA!

    His action of vigilantism with a semi-automatic rifle, rather than calling the cops or doing additional research outside the sites he was looking, display many failing facets in American institutions. The most notable one brought up by you would be the American News Media. Certain News channels never fail to let a day go by without claiming to be the bastion of the “Truth”. Now, I find nothing wrong if there pieces of news that present a falsehood or half-truth, but constantly labelling it “corruption” merely generates the “us” and “them” mentality rather than just presenting the error and moving on. Instead, some seem rather hell-bent in convincing its audience that anything outside their realm of “Fair and Balance” would be nothing but a wasteland of deceit. Each bent on saying what the other doesn’t want to hear, or how stupid the other side believes you are. Doing so creates the “us” and “them” mentality, in which instead of reporting, they merely want to be right; they are the noble and morale superior who intellect should not be question if only to dismiss critics with a sloppy quip. Most want to push their own agenda, and that involves commentating on how the other side handles its own affairs. You flip through the channels, you realize everything is of constant commenting of news and commenting on commentators commenting on the news in cycle of commenting that continues to comment on commentating to begin with. No one channel in cable news proved to be the monolith of excellent journalism, but rather just wanting to opine and tell you what emotions and thoughts you should think when reacting to an item. Yet, each side continues to throw stones in glass houses that leaves average people on both sides either confused or threaten. With everything being about emotions and what you should feel, then Fake News allows itself to easily find its way into a person’s mind because cable news already are hardwired you to react with strong emotions, be opinionated, and ignore or arrogantly refute what another side may say, no matter how reasonable, truthful, and rational he/she was. The first institution links to the second one; law and government. When a high profile court case or investigation makes a decision, that other side will always gnash their teeth and call foul. Remember when Justice Scalia died, then some went into full panic because they convinced themselves that whoever would replace him would usher in the end of time, and they came to that conclusion by the media. It highlights that if one does not control an institution, then it might as well be anarchy. Each side convinced their own colleagues that the other will be the end of the other. Then came Dave Comey with his investigation; his conclusion did not make anyone happy, twice. Some still convinced themselves that Hillary deserved some sort of penal retribution for some sort of conspiracy, and some folks in the media will not let it go. They proceed with the narrative that Clinton’s connections allow her to manipulate the system in her favor and allow her to be untouchable and a threat to everyone, including children. Granted, no one doubts the privilege the Clintons possess, but people like to take it a step too far. Now, others can say the same thing about Trump and how everything he did and is doing will unravel everything good and noble, just like others did when Obama took office. Hyper-partisanship bred the notion that the other is malicious and can’t be trusted, and that leads to our idea of government as many see it today. A good government cannot be one of cooperation of parties but the domination of a part, because that party is infallibly correct in all manners and can be the only way to insure the blessings and liberties that you enjoy; and so, these people turn to Fake News as you said to prevent what they see as losing everything dear and to possess some elusive sense of control with what they see as the truth.

    Third point would be the one brought up by my professor, and that would be education. Now, the man who shot up the DC pizzeria may not be dumb or disturbed, but he allowed himself to be stupid. He never seemed to bother with another viewpoint, question the material said, vetted the sources, realize the internet’s reputation of not being reliable in matters of truth, or thought out how such a thing could actually take place in real life and not be known by police or the FBI. At every turn the man failed to critically think and allowed the news dictate his feelings and thoughts, allowed himself to believe it. So much so, he randomly drove eight hours with a gun with the mentality of going John McClane in a Pizzeria. The ultimate purpose of an education should be to learn how to learn, which would include questioning the source material. With Post-Truth in prime time and everywhere, intellectualism and rationalism need not to be seen because all the answers can be found through strong feelings. Such absence of critical thinking on large scale proves fertile for this stuff. However, we should not think the majority of Americans believe in these, but the increase in sharing it makes me less hopeful of the situation. While it did not affect the outcome of the election as Zuckerberg argued, even he must reluctantly curtail this stuff because it seems to be going out of control. Now that brings us to what we as a third-party can do. First, try to invigorate some humanity (the study of the humanities that is) into politics by being skillful in rhetoric and logic. The American people can figure out things so long as you challenge persuasively, or by simply asking questions about talking points we hear so often we forget that to analyze what they insinuate. Now, it will be tough at first given the two parties can easily ramp up emotions by buying millions in advertisements, and even being labeling us as the surrogate of the other’s party. Yet if we achieve a few victories, people will listen and take us seriously and such propaganda will face diminishing utility. Lead by example in character; because even if you lose, there can be a profound impact and what future Whigs should act and what Americans can expect from not only us but from a genuine statesmen. Second would be to develop a platform that will radically change our education system for the better that will instruct on how to learn and critically think among others. As for the media, it all falls into the private sector, and making it hard to convince an executive to quit their bread and butter and actually commit to better journalism seems unrealistic. However, we can make our movement not just a political movement, but a cultural movement in which people manage some time to read newspapers, books, academic journals, and magazines (You do not need to quit the internet entirely, but diversify your time in other mediums.). Sure bias can be in these mediums, but they do a more reputable job in actually doing journalism and presenting facts; and more to the point, they cannot manipulate you emotionally in the same fashion as a person on the television or the radio can.
  • Theodore Theopolos
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  • Bert Illmann
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