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Hello MWP. I have asked this question privately. As well I participate in the Whig Forum. However the Whig Forum is not endorsed or maintained specifically by the leadership of MWP as I understand. Its definitely a useful page and I appreciate it being available. I think its wise that its made clear. Post shared and opinions expressed are not endorsed by MWP. As some seem to be in the spirit of MWP and some are clearly personal opinions that may sometimes by the exact opposite. My Question is why does the MWP not have at least a separate information Facebook page. Where the MWP itself posts. Facebook is a standard of use today. It seems counter productive not to reach out by Facebook. Its free to setup a page and advertisement is easily cost controlled and can be inexpensive if the choice to advertise is made. Also while the Blog has some good articles. Which it is mandatory there are new articles at least on a monthly basis. Otherwise this Webpage may look dead. I strongly believe the page needs a 'New News' link. In both my point of Facebook as well the "New News" section. Should provide information about the Party, membership, growth, leadership activity. As well articles encouraging participation in States, and speaking with State and regional leadership interviews and such. Put a face to the individuals and make it welcoming. So people will contact them. Mainly though show that the MWP is an active working and growing party movement. Also I think the party has as a core belief that transparency is critical. I as a member don't really feel like I have any idea what is going on with the Party and Leadership. Therefore I feel disconnected from the actual party. I have a connection to members on the Forum. But I don't feel like I am included in what is happening behind the scenes because I don't see any consistent up to date party news posts. Which makes me feel like nothing is going on worth reporting. Which makes it seem like this party isn't going any where. That's not a good image for a party trying to grow. Without looking into the Blog which is easy to miss on the Introductory page. It is hard to see if the MWP is even still active or if the party is barely lingering along. A dying attempt. Which I don't believe it is. The blog helps a lot because you can see recent posts. But I think this page needs more. The simple fact is even adding a New News link a person has to look for this page specifically even to find it. As your not going to come across it looking up Centrist or Moderate. So without direct advertising there is no real way to be exposed to the MWP's existence, by the internet anyway. While I appreciate that the goal is to have membership do local outreach and I believe that is important. However I also believe the party can increase its foot print greatly and become much more relevant. By accepting the realities of the value of advertisement its existence on the internet. Beyond just maintaining a Web page that doesn't have a name that resonates a lot of interest or understanding for the average person.

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  • Angela Weyant
    commented 2018-01-23 23:43:17 -0500
    Very well said. I also am struggling with the idea that nothing seems to be happening. We receive a letter on the state of the party and at first I am excited that something is happening…just wish I had more of an idea of exactly what that was. It’s great to think of whigs running in ten states(like the state of the party said)…but which states. Which states have a stronger foundation and which ones are still looking for the building blocks? Why choose those ten states to run candidates? (Sure I could come up with many different reasons for why these ten states…if I know which states) Ballot access is awesome. Which eight states is the party focused on? Why not include that information? I could go on but you get the idea. There is very little information and I want to know more. I can’t be the only one.
  • Kirk Boland
    commented 2018-01-18 12:20:43 -0500
    I think you make a great point. I found out about this party several years ago, but didn’t join because I felt it was a backlash during 2007 against all that was going on at the time. However, I personally decided to join several months ago because I saw some growth and was encouraged. However, like you mentioned I can see that outside of these forums/blogs there is virtually nothing of a feeling of a “connection” with the party itself to its members. To juxtapose the most recent “state of the party 2018” to this post of yours I feel is beneficial…the party wants to grow its social media output and yet its official Youtube channel is dismally small with no real production value to speak, its Facebook occasionally sharing things that don’t seem relevant to the topics of the day, no official responses to a variety of news, etc.
    Now, I say this because I agree with you that this can be turned into something of real momentum; but until the party itself connects with its already tangible online community (and does some much needed IT work, among which you suggested with “new news”) I feel we’ll continue to sit at stand still. And to any of the official party leaders reading the forums: speak more with the real people and develop this sense of community. Democrats and Republicans at least have physical party offices in almost every county where the people meet and speak to one another, we may not yet have that but virtually-speaking we should be comparable to that.
  • Bert Illmann
    published this page in Whig Forums 2017-07-31 12:02:48 -0400