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  • commented on Practical Campaign Finance Suggestion 2016-11-11 05:58:48 -0500
    I suppose another way of executing it would be forcing the PACs to report large donors as well as political candidates do now. Then traceability could be established. (My post above could benefit from some paragraph formatting, sorry, it was typed on a phone.)

  • commented on The Loyal Opposition 2016-11-11 06:18:40 -0500
    Michael Wald:
    I can fully agree with being ready to present our opinions loudly and proudly. I think that “Modern Whig West” did a great job of laying out what a strong political party needs to do to become a thought leader in the country.

    Do we have our own version of the Affordable Care Act? Obviously, a large percentage of the country has opposition to it as it is today, and therefore it could use some ‘tinkering’. Opposition to it is one of the reasons Republicans did so well this election.

    I’m the last person qualified to expound on the ACA; I’m not connected to the medical or insurance profession; nor know how to draft a law. I would love it however if one of our more informed fellow party members were to start an ACA forum. There we would do what we do best: Rational, fact-based debate leading to a reasonable set of proposals. Maybe it’s out there already, and I’m missing it? If so, my apologies.

  • posted about Petition on Facebook 2016-08-16 22:17:33 -0400
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    I support passage of the American Anti-Corruption Act -- model legislation designed as a standard for action to blunt the corrupting effect of political contributions at the the local, state and federal level.

    I believe lobbying and ethics laws must be reformed; political fundraising must be transparent and donors must be publicly disclosed; and a system of citizen-funded elections must be installed. 

    I endorse all efforts to reverse the Supreme Court's decisions in the Citizens United and McCutcheon cases, and pledge to do all I can as a citizen to return control of my government to the hands of The People.

    The Modern Whig Institute does not accept donations from corporations, unions, or special interest groups. 

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    Take the survey: How often do you vote?

    How often do you vote?

    Are you a cafeteria voter? Do you pick and chose what to vote in? Or do you vote in everything from county dog catcher to President of the United States?

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