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    Hello Whig Party,

    Please harness the political climate that is ripe for the return of the Whigs. This election had turned into an establishment vs anti-establishment campaign.

    Both the Republicans and Democrats have shown to have a large disconnect with the people they are supposed to be representing. The continuing support and rallying behind the defeated Bernie Sanders is a telling story here. It was also very obvious that the Democratic party unified in favor of a more establishment supported candidate to continue to make their campaign funding parties happy.

    Then on the flip side, the Republicans went into the fight with 16 candidates. An obvious showing that they are struggling to find their ground in the current bipartisan climate. Then, with all hopes against him, the person who spoke the loudest and against the party was the one who one out among their slew of candidates.

    The time is now. With both parties struggling to find their image and reconnect with the people they are representing, it’s time to harness this shift. As I mentioned previously, the Democrats are struggling to find their voice as is the Republicans. The underlying current between the two parties is that they want someone who will shake things up and break from the money and funding crisis that political officials are fighting with today.

    Our leaders are only campaigning to appease “share-holders” to get the funding necessary to show the right ads, make the best tweets, and be the most appealing. Donald Trump, unfortunately, was the only voice of this change in the election. Of course no one loves him, he’s a real interesting, very flawed person, but the voice of anti-establishment spoke louder than all his previous faults.

    The people need a new voice. Both sides need someone to speak out against campaign funding, money in politics, political favors, and the like. We want intelligent discussion instead of a demonization of the opposing side. This is no longer politics, this is fear-mongering and manipulation from both sides.

    We need a reasonable voice to come in. To assess both sides of the argument, then stand as the voice of the people. A side who is one with the people. A side that hears its supporters and responds.

    We need the Whigs.

    Please use this opportunity to be heard on a day where people are most desperate. There is an incredible vacuum and the Whig Party needs to fill that void.

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