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  • commented on What is the direction that the Party is going/wants to go? 2018-02-05 18:58:02 -0500
    Jules, thank you and I appreciate it. I truly hope that our Party will continue to move forward in way that we have the capacity to offer the electorate a real choice, especially with the candidates that have already decided to use the Whig banner.
    Zach, I completely agree. I feel that in order for us to continue momentum we have to continue making solid planks that state concrete positions; although not every social issue be necessarily be hammered out. In my opinion there are several classic examples, but among them could be abortion and religion: there should be Whigs who are both pro-choice/life and theist/atheist (respective to those social ideas or policies). And in some of these social areas our strength of being a moderate party is very explicit: if we agree on 90% of issues and solutions and have a disagreement or two that’s okay because we are the real “big tent” party. And, what I feel, we the Whigs can be a real testament to diversity in thought: we gain strength from not being a party of sycophants and engaging in group-think. We have the resolve as individuals and as a party to tolerate a respectful opposition to a variety of policies and planks (e.g. like on more concrete things like fiscal or foreign policy), but are respectful and learn from one another with our differences on more social things (like the aforementioned beliefs about abortion or religion, etc.).

  • answered 2018-01-24 09:24:27 -0500
    Q: Please explain your answer here.
    A: I want someone ultimately who understands Machiavelli: ruthless to our enemies, compassionate to our people, understanding with the party, obstinate with political opponents, strategic in negotiations, and capable of compromise when necessary.

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  • answered 2018-01-24 09:12:42 -0500
    Q: Please elaborate on your choice and position...
    A: I’ll admit my ideas may be a little different, but fundamentally the issue that I’m most passionate about is honestly the current structure of the American government itself. I know that there are many people who’ll probably gravely disagree with me (but I understand if you may have a revulsion to what I write)…however, I think there are several things I would propose:
    1. Eliminate the executive branch: only two branches of government.
    2. Unicameral Congress with term limits of 2 six-year terms (aka a Senate, and the office of the Presidency is now equivalent to a prime minister position with a direct election of our “chief senator”). Whereby, the “prime minister” position is the 101st senator that can elected through direct-election open to any citizen with the former criteria for the office of President as before.
    3. Supreme Court with 10 year term limits (limited to one term).
    4. Completely redraw “state lines” according to equal population (all with unicameral legislatures).
    5. Multi-party elections within all electoral districts; no more of the “winner-takes-all” policy.
    6. All five military branches, and three service components, collapsed into one branch with an active and reserve component (complete with one dress uniform, utility uniform, etc.).
    7. Election day officially made a holiday, and held on Saturday at that.
    Anyways, call me a dreamer or call me ludicrous. Just throwing that out there.

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  • commented on Facebook & Party News 2018-01-18 12:20:43 -0500
    I think you make a great point. I found out about this party several years ago, but didn’t join because I felt it was a backlash during 2007 against all that was going on at the time. However, I personally decided to join several months ago because I saw some growth and was encouraged. However, like you mentioned I can see that outside of these forums/blogs there is virtually nothing of a feeling of a “connection” with the party itself to its members. To juxtapose the most recent “state of the party 2018” to this post of yours I feel is beneficial…the party wants to grow its social media output and yet its official Youtube channel is dismally small with no real production value to speak, its Facebook occasionally sharing things that don’t seem relevant to the topics of the day, no official responses to a variety of news, etc.
    Now, I say this because I agree with you that this can be turned into something of real momentum; but until the party itself connects with its already tangible online community (and does some much needed IT work, among which you suggested with “new news”) I feel we’ll continue to sit at stand still. And to any of the official party leaders reading the forums: speak more with the real people and develop this sense of community. Democrats and Republicans at least have physical party offices in almost every county where the people meet and speak to one another, we may not yet have that but virtually-speaking we should be comparable to that.

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