The United Utah Party And The Centrist Project

So, a new political party just rose up in Utah called the United Utah Party (UUP). It is a party where dissatisfied centrist goes to promote their policies in Utah. They are a political party that focuses on just Utah like the Vermont Progressive Party (VPP). There is an organization to help centrist independents get elected called the Centrist Project. Right now, their biggest goal is to get a handful of centrist independents elected Colorado's legislature to prevent both the Republicans and Democrats from getting a majority, forcing the two parties to cooperate. They have also endorsed Terry Hayes, the independent State Treasurer of Maine.

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  • jules rensch
    commented 2017-08-19 19:34:09 -0400
    While all endeavours of “forcing two warring parties” to cooperate is most commendable…perhaps the ultimate solution is whereby the Modern Whigs of America become the “home for centrists & moderates”
    Thank you Matthew Jacobson for this observation and idea.

    sincerely, Observer Jules
  • Matt Jacobsen
    commented 2017-07-26 14:56:26 -0400
    There’s also the Utah Modern Whig Party too. We’re currently working on ballot access, and hope that we can talk/work with the United Utah Party in the future. While centrists working together is great it would be ideal to establish the Whigs nationwide as the home for centrist & moderates.

    I hope all people on this forum that considers themselves Whigs will go to the party directory on this site, contact their local leadership, and volunteer to help build the party & Whig campaigns. If there’s no one available locally contact the next available leadership available up in the party about starting a new chapter where they are.
  • John Puffer
    published this page in Whig Forums 2017-06-24 21:29:53 -0400