Talking With Veterans Party of America?

Hello, I wonder that do you think the Modern Whig Party could talk and compromise with the Veterans Party of America? I have noticed this political party holds similar views to the Modern Whig Party and it got me into thinking that the Moder Whig Party and Veterans Party of America should open communication with each other if they want to make more gains. Do you think that could be possible?

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  • Larry Stanley
    commented 2017-05-01 16:04:53 -0400
    Our party is always interested, open to communication and cooperation with other minor moderate parties. Actually several years ago the first iteration of the VPA that started before us, actually merged with the MWP. Then about a year later the VPA started back up. So there has been dialogue in the past. Just a quick note though when communication is initiated by our party, most of the time the resistance of continuing that communication comes from the other minor parties. When the communication continues it often results in that minor party merging into ours, not that merging is required to work together.
  • Larry Stanley
    tagged this with someday 2017-05-01 16:04:52 -0400
  • John Puffer
    published this page in Whig Forums 2016-12-21 23:09:14 -0500