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  • The United Utah Party And The Centrist Project

    So, a new political party just rose up in Utah called the United Utah Party (UUP). It is a party where dissatisfied centrist goes to promote their policies in Utah. They are a political party that focuses on just Utah like the Vermont Progressive Party (VPP). There is an organization to help centrist independents get elected called the Centrist Project. Right now, their biggest goal is to get a handful of centrist independents elected Colorado's legislature to prevent both the Republicans and Democrats from getting a majority, forcing the two parties to cooperate. They have also endorsed Terry Hayes, the independent State Treasurer of Maine.

  • published Talking With Veterans Party of America? in Whig Forums 2016-12-21 23:09:14 -0500

    Talking With Veterans Party of America?

    Hello, I wonder that do you think the Modern Whig Party could talk and compromise with the Veterans Party of America? I have noticed this political party holds similar views to the Modern Whig Party and it got me into thinking that the Moder Whig Party and Veterans Party of America should open communication with each other if they want to make more gains. Do you think that could be possible?

  • commented on November Surprises 2016-12-09 04:51:02 -0500
    Hello, I’m John and I’m a Democrat, but I do agree with a lot of what the Modern Whigs are saying. The Republican Party and Democratic Party are touching much on hard-leaning politics on the right and left. The Republican Party needs to stick to the center-right and the Democratic Party to the center-left. Though I never really cared much on bringing a multi-party system here in the United States because I think having a lot of parties encourage party purity/radicalism (something the plagues the Libertarian Party and Green Party) and discourages moderates from being elected, I think we might need a third major party in this country. To bring up a centrist party that could help provide more flexibility to our nation and help bring down tensions between the Republicans and Democrats.

    My suggestion to the Modern Whigs to get more support is that I think you should put more effort in Maine. It’s a battleground state, strong third party potential, and it has just passed ranked choice voting.

    I’m a Democrat and I support the revival of the Whig Party.