Should allowing discussion on this forum be a Whig concern?

As a policy researcher for the New York State MWP I would like to know whether this forum is broken or being so aggressively censored as to render discussion impossible. When I first joined the Whigs one of my first conversations with he NYS party chair was about why this forum is so underutilized and why there aren't more fora for discussion of the whig movement. If my experience in the last weeks is any indication, I am not surprised. Nearly every post to a thread not started by Douglas has subsequent posts deleted. I don't know if this is automatic, or if it is the result of overactive censoring. However, I do know that whatever the cause it can't be good for the party. I have seen no rules violations in the posts deleted (though it might be good to discuss these rules as well). The current picture of our party discourse is "people comment on Douglas Harvey reading the paper".... That is great (love you Doug) but it isn't the total picture this forum should communicate.

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  • California Modern Whig Party
    followed this page 2016-04-10 23:47:45 -0400
  • jules rensch
    tagged this with good 2016-04-01 20:49:24 -0400
  • Brandon Zicha
    commented 2016-04-01 16:48:11 -0400
    And Douglas… I sincerely value your posts, I didn’t mean anything pejorative there… Merely pointing out optics :-)
  • Brandon Zicha
    commented 2016-04-01 16:46:40 -0400
    FWEW! Thanks Kevin… That’s a relief that it will be fixed!

    I figured it was software… The deletions and disappearances were just too random.
  • Kevin J. Rogers
    commented 2016-04-01 16:36:26 -0400
    There’s definitely a software glitch. I can see a bunch of comments on the back end which aren’t appearing on the website. They haven’t been deleted.

    We’ll have our NationBuilder consultant take a look and get it straightened out. Thanks, guys!
  • Kevin J. Rogers
    tagged this with good 2016-04-01 16:36:25 -0400
  • Douglas Harvey
    commented 2016-04-01 12:33:21 -0400
    Brandon, it might be broken. As far as I know, there is no censorship at all. I certainly don’t have the ability to delete anything on here, and I am not aware of anyone doing so. As far as people commenting on my daily reading exercise, well, with no one really discussing anything on here, I just decided to throw some bread upon the waters and see what fish came up for a nibble. The party is formulating a platform, and current events and views seem relevant to that effort. The issue of party dues didn’t come from the paper, but it is the most commented on post I have done so far. Given the lack of participation (or so I thought) I just figured that any discussion I could get started would be good for the party. I know that I brought up the possibility of moving the forums to the “front page” where it could be more visible, because my impression was that participation might be light since people have to “dig down” several layers even to get to the forums section. That suggestion was voted down. At any rate, you’ve given me something to respond to, and discuss, which to me seems to be progress. I noticed yesterday that only the subject line box appeared when I went to post, and that erased itself once I hit the enter key. The next time I signed in, I got the subject field and the text field for the actual post, and it worked. I might point out, that if you do not get two grey boxes to type in, (one subject line, and one for the body of your text) then something is wrong and you should log out and sign back in to try to reset it. Maybe when people are posting, they are mistakenly trying to post the entire message in the subject line and it gets lost due to character length limitations. I’m not a tech guru so I don’t know how to fix this, but sometimes you get both boxes, and others you get just one, and it doesn’t work when you get just one. I hope this is helpful.
  • Brandon Zicha
    published this page in Whig Forums 2016-04-01 02:11:22 -0400