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    Stand with the Modern Whigs!


    Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little. (Edmund Burke)

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  • commented on A Declaration of Independents’: A Call to Excellence in Popular Sovereignty 2016-09-26 11:48:14 -0400
    Indeed! Time for US to lead OURSELVES.

  • published A Presidential Write-in Candidate anyone? in Whig Forums 2016-09-06 11:28:13 -0400

    A Presidential Write-in Candidate anyone?

    Curious if anyone else has heard Prof Laurence Kotlikoff speak and is aware of his write in candidacy? They claim to be honing on on 100% write in eligibility. He sure sounds like a Whig..... www.kotlikoff2016.com What say ye fellow Whigs?

  • commented on The emperors have no clothes - the ugly truth about our politics..... 2016-08-30 12:10:31 -0400
    Apologize for no paragraphs. Makes this hard to read.

  • published Lets "wright" this Republic! in Whig Forums 2016-08-22 14:45:58 -0400

    Lets "wright" this Republic!

    ( an old blog I posted in 2009) Across communities, towns and state borders all over the country, Whigs are diligently organizing. What drives us? What motivates us to take time away from families, our hobbies, and sometimes even our jobs to volunteer in what many would believe to be an insurmountable task? What gives? Are Whigs nuts? (as my wife and sons look askance at me ) To the contrary. We see with clear vision precisely what needs to be done. It may not be obvious; it clearly hasn’t been in as long as we can remember. Many have tried. ALL have failed. Give that mission to a core group of Veterans and see what they come up with. Failure is NOT an option. We set out with some broad tenets, steeped in historical Whig values, of individualism, a gentle hand of government, care for our own communities above the outside world. We attract like minded citizens who “ get it”. And set out to ferment a quiet revolution of methodology over ideology, of setting out to eliminate many of the ills of today’s governance, partisan bickering, poorly constructed public policy, and most importantly, the virtual disenfranchisement of the average American from the process. What is our strategic mission? To “wright” the Republic. No more. No less. Wright. Not the “right” you think of when you hear the word wright in the context of politics. EXACTLY! Part of our mission as modern Whigs is to expose Americans to a new reality, to a new truth born of two opposing truths that have lost their relevance. Whigs endeavor to break all those old synapses, and introduce new ones, a new way for citizens to view their government, as an extension of their community. Wright. Wright, as in the craftsmen of old that took raw metal, wood and other materials and crafted tools useful and helpful to the human condition. Craftsmen which you called upon to repair tools and implements that were no longer capable of getting the job done. Wright. Wright, which sounds like right, as in inalienable human rights, something one is entitled to. We, as citizens, are all entitled to the right of good representation. That is the way modern Whigs are “right”. We believe in the right of all citizens to good representation. We “left” the other “right” behind. Our “right” means the rights bestowed upon us ALL as citizens. The “right” that we all have been granted by our Constitution and Bill of Rights, in the great vision of the mind group called our Founding Fathers. A basic principle of the human condition, picked up in 9th grade Theology class ( many, MANY moons ago) at McQuaid Jesuit High School in Rochester NY, taught by none other than Father O’Malley, of The Exorcist fame, you cannot have freedom without responsibility. First derivative of that: to maintain your rights, you have to guard them with your activity. We modern Whigs believe that these rights, which we were told were ours to lose , are indeed near lost. Whether you are rich, or poor, or in the middle, governance has failed us all. Part of the answer lies in that we are trapped, all of us, in a bad, outmoded paradigm, or way of looking at our political selves and how we interact with our political institutions. They have gone beyond our reasonable control, and no one, until now, has been able to find the right levers to pull. The “wright” levers are the modern Whig levers; Levers of integrity, meritocracy and ETHICS. Let us come together and “wright” this Republic for the next ten generations of Americans to flourish in. EPC NY 2009

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    2016 Convention Registration


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