Whig Party Goals

I would love to see some discussion on goals for the party. I signed up and signed a petition, but I have no idea on where the party is going and what to do next. What am a volunteering to do if I sign up? How can I sell this party to those who think that the two party system is here to stay? Here are a few suggestion to provoke a conversation (I know eventually there will be a place to discuss strategy...). 1. Focus on recruiting well know moderate Republicans and Democrats to the Modern Whig Party and promising to fund them in their next election. 2. Increase the size of the Modern Whig party to 100,000 members. 3. Run advertising commercials in states that Presidential candidates are campaigning in. The narrative should be demonstrating that the Republicans and Democrats together have broken American. The right has pushed the financial deregulation on the right which led to the Saving and Loans crisis in the 80s and the crash in 2008. The left in turn pushed house ownership which helped lead to a bubble in the housing market. The left in turn has continually pushed the growth of entitlement programs etc. 4. Get Modern Whig hosting shows on talk radio. 5. Try to get five homegrown Modern Whigs elected each election cycle. 6. The strategy for the Whig party should be to be a powerful minority that can swing the vote on important issues. 7. Open up 100 Whig party clubs on college campuses in the next two years. 8. Have bumper stickers. 9. Try to attract a few household names to the party. 10. Connect to centrist think tanks.

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  • Eric Bauer
    commented 2017-04-21 14:34:07 -0400
    One thing that I believe would be useful as per party direction is to realize the actual reason that Donald Trump won the election. It has to do with the agenda that the federal government has been pursuing over the course of the past number of decades with the cooperation of both the Republican and Democratic parties and that is a globalist agenda——one that promotes open borders, free trade, and the outsourcing of US jobs. Donald Trump’s main ideology is one of putting America First(nationalism). And this is what resonated with a very large percentage of the American population. If you fail to realize this, then I believe this movement could become an exercise in futility.
  • jules rensch
    commented 2016-10-25 18:08:17 -0400
    Certainly I agree with you Shawn…relative to recruiting members from the two major parties…
    Of note, is the fact that the early forefathers of our Republic…thought that the election of President and Vice President be established as follows:
    The Candidate with the most votes becomes President, the Candidate coming in second, becomes Vice President..
    …in reality this could be a Democrat and a Republican..
    perhaps contributing to less division, more progress etc

    Thank you for your ideas, as ever, Observer Jules
  • Shawn Clement
    commented 2016-10-25 11:56:47 -0400
    Some of what was said I agree with. I agree that this party should look for and attempt to recruit moderate leaders from the two major parties. Both are greatly fractured and falling apart though Democrats much slower. However, for this party to finance major campaigns would require 4-6 years of conserted effort and fund raising. The party has a radio program already, but it also requires more members being active in social media sharing the link to this program and/or expanding with new youtube programs and interviews with outside radio programs. Next; Growing the party, the party is unable to afford television and most radio advertising. We need to utilize resources more effectively; Those that are active on social media sites need to reach out to independent radio programs that would LOVE to interview new leaders. If we can attract them, we build our advertising base dramatically. As for 5 homegrown elections, it will be difficult due to out of every 500 or so willing members you might have 2 that are qualified AND willing to run. The party already has bumper stickers, coffee mugs, shirts, hats, etc. to promote the party, we need members to buy those items and promote them. Finally, as for centrist think tanks this could pose a problem. We are a party of Centrists with leanings in liberal and conservative views. However, my conservative views may be to conservative for others or my liberal views to liberal. I believe in a strong immigration system, yes a wall and a tough immigration vetting program from middle eastern refugees. I’ve seen to much of what has happened in Europe to allow open passes. I believe in a strong military and veteran services. Stronger enforcement of laws and protection of the constitution. I believe education, abortion, welfare/foodstamps/WIC/HUD, medical/legal pot, and gay rights, are state issues that should remain with the state. These powers weren’t given to the Federal government and thus should be state laws. I do believe the Federal government controls borders, immigration, military/veteran, national budget, foreign affairs, and national defense. I believe rather than the Federal government controlling tax $$s that a proportionate ammount be given to each state (Rhode Island smaller than California wouldn’t get equal ammount) and allow Governors to control & maintain emergency relief funds. So, who’s platform am I using when creating local clubs? Many of the more liberal platforms in the party would not be attractive in more conservative states and vice versa. Will we be free to create our own local platforms? I don’t know.
  • Shawn Clement
    tagged this with important 2016-10-25 11:56:46 -0400