It's not if you win or lose but how you play the game ... and this seems to be a lost art in politics where the game is finding a side and supporting it irregardless of what you actually belief, or more often, finding what the other party believes and setting yourself up against it no matter how valid the other party might or partially might be. The world of true cooperation and discourse is dying. Politics has become a game of us and them. It's become about seeing the differences between us first and forgetting that we're all human with the same needs, when the solutions come when we see how we are the same and leave for another day how we differ. This country was not founded on focusing on everyone's differences to the exclusion of where we are alike.

The Modern Whig Party writes: “We believe in rational solutions over ideology, integrity over impunity, and authentic public service above all.” I love the fact that they are into ideas not party platform. Along this line I also love with where the Party writes: "Modern Whigs practice independent critical thought. We believe in challenging all assumptions, mapping and analyzing all possible solutions based on facts and potential outcomes, and not relying on party dogma as a source of political ideology." It is the spirit of discovery, investigation, understanding, inquiry ... though in modern politics to ask for these things is a Quixotic quest, but aren't those the best type of quests?

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    I was thinking the same thoughts recently. How many elections have included a candidate’s military service as an important issue and how they will handle an international crisis? Or, how they skipped serving? Or, in general, how they approach the military. I can’t recall once anyone discussing Hillary, Sanders, Trumps, Cruz and whoever’s military service nor even how they would deal with the military. FURTHER, if one looks at the news 1. only conservative Christians in backwoods states with no brain cells are interested in the military (remember when serving in the military was NOT tied to a political party?) so thus its not a relevant issue, and 2. as Saddam is dead there is no international threat to deal with, and 3. as we are now inviting whole countries of immigrants to our country (and it would be racist to not like the immigrants) it would improper to criticize foreign affairs or fight wars or do anything. So, since the world is at peace why deal with military issues? Obviously, being sarcastic, but if you look at Obama’s activities there doesn’t seem to be any major international issues needing the military other than Republicans who want to keep fighting and be racist. Just wait till Hillary, then we’ll all be anti-feminist racists.