We are a Principled Party


We are a Principled Party - we will lose elections before we sacrifice our integrity. 

Our current political climate is one of destruction rather than construction. Dominant political parties tend to find any leverage against opponents at the expense of various groups and victims who, in the eyes of the parties, become tools for political gain...

Dishonesty, misleading claims, and false promises have become cornerstones of election cycles. these practices have so poisoned our political life that the very mention of politics carries with it a negative connotation. The Modern Whig Party wishes to restore honesty in campaigning and bolster the name of politics through genuine political practices.

The 2016 Presidential Election cycle was a brilliant example of the tactics political parties will employ in order to win elections. The scorched-earth schismatic campaigns of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump brought division, not policy, to the American people. The Modern Whig Party wants to bring practical ideas, ethical principles, and constructive debate to our election cycles, and not facile character attacks.

The greatest difference between the Whigs and the major political parties is our objectives. The Democrats and Republicans are election-oriented parties; their objective is to win elections at all costs, and they allocate all of their energies toward achieving this end. The Modern Whigs are issue-oriented; our primary objectives are solving the problems of the people and bringing their concerns to the political establishment and into the national spotlight. We may lose elections, but if by staying true to our principles and solutions, we can still win in the area of ideas. It does not matter whether we get the credit or not. The Whigs would rather lose elections while adhering to our own ideology and morality than win by forfeiting all for which we stand.

The true measure of a politician is their ability to point out the problematic issues in our society and to find constitutional and practical means of solving those issues. Our recent election cycles have made us forget this; we are attracted to the most well-established, or flamboyant, or eloquent candidates without recognizing whether or not they have our interests in mind. Politics has increasingly becoming an “us vs. them” competition between left and right, and not a system by which our unified people elect officials that serve our the common good for all Americans. The Modern Whig Party will help correct this political laxity by being servants of the people rather than servants for ourselves.

The integrity of the Modern Whig Party includes the strict policy we place on ourselves. Whigs will not accept money from special interest groups. Our investment is in the American people, not select individuals with the privilege and funds to buy their politicians. This practice of investing in the American people also speaks to our accountability. Modern Whigs will hold ourselves and one another to standards higher than the law as we conduct the political process.

Now is the time to change the way we view politicians and our perception of politics. The American political process is not a team competition; likewise, politicians are not celebrities, nor are they individuals whom we must attach ourselves. Political office is a public trust, and politicians must wholly and honorably serve the people who have entrusted their votes. Politics is a tool for implementing public policy, and politicians are individuals who must adhere to the will of their constituency and work to find solutions to societal problems. The Modern Whig Party understands this, and is willing to lose an election before we sacrifice its principles. Modern Whigs do not measure their success by how many votes they win, but by how many people they serve and help.

While we are a principled party, to effect change we must run and win elections. In order to do that, we need both donations and volunteers. With out those two things we will not effect change and these are all just words. It's up to you.





  John Carley is a writer for the Modern Whig Party, a senior at  Father Judge High School in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  A proud Whig and future candidate.

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  • commented 2017-10-09 22:41:29 -0400
    Whig Party
  • commented 2017-10-09 22:39:59 -0400
    I am concerned about your level of commitment to “honesty in politics” when one of your opening statements is to claim the 16th President of The United States of America was a Whip Party member. He was a registered Republican and later “re-branded” National Union Party member. If he had been a Whig prior to 1854 there is no record that I’m able to find.
  • commented 2017-08-08 22:42:28 -0400
    one word is missing in Washington DC…
    the most powerful word leading to progress…
    it is the word that best describes the Modern Whig Party…
    it is the word of the most famous Whig in history……………..
    it is the word of Henry Clay…………………………………………………
    THE WORD IS: “C O M P R O M I S E”

    Let’s do it Whigs….. Observer Jules
  • commented 2017-06-27 12:27:20 -0400
    Finally, a group that needs to bring this country back together again. The hate on all sides is unacceptable.
    I didn’t serve 4 years in the Marine Corps just to see America commit suicide .