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    I support passage of the American Anti-Corruption Act -- model legislation designed as a standard for action to blunt the corrupting effect of political contributions at the the local, state and federal level.

    I believe lobbying and ethics laws must be reformed; political fundraising must be transparent and donors must be publicly disclosed; and a system of citizen-funded elections must be installed. 

    I endorse all efforts to reverse the Supreme Court's decisions in the Citizens United and McCutcheon cases, and pledge to do all I can as a citizen to return control of my government to the hands of The People.

    The Modern Whig Party of America does not accept donations from corporations, unions, or special interest groups. 

    We are funded directly by volunteers and grassroots supporters. Please consider a small contribution today!

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    Q: Please elaborate on your choice and position...
    A: As USMC veteran, International Relations degree-holder, and current defense contractor, I believe that ultimately foreign policy is the most important issue facing the federal government. Beyond the obvious national security priorities, how we interact with the world at large through diplomacy and trade impacts impacts global stability, our domestic economy, and our soft power for the future. I believe that the current populist jabs at free trade and globalization are short-sighted and ill-informed. Beyond absolute economic gains from free trade, we increase global security and cohesion through a system of complex interdependence when we trade with others, especially those that would otherwise be rivals. As for our more straightforward security issues, I believe that it is in the US’s best interest to lead a Pax Americana in concert with our allies, but that we have a range of flexible military options that can be used without getting stuck choosing between a generation of nation-building vs a failed state. While I do not wish to see us act as the world police, I believe it is our duty, and in our national interest, to ensure and enforce the liberal international order along with its norms and values.

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