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  • answered 2017-10-05 17:49:33 -0400
    Q: Please explain your answer here.
    A: Own up to it when you are wrong or incorrect. Be truthful. It’s OK to change your minds if you accumulate more facts and information.

    Traits of a Leader

    Whether a candidate is running for City Council, Mayor, State Legislature, Governor, Congress or President there are some traits or qualifications we look for as a society.  As Whigs, what are the traits that you look for in a candidate for any of these offices?

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  • answered 2017-10-05 17:46:36 -0400
    Q: Please tell us a brief example of what position you would have us take?
    A: I did not see gun control addressed in your platform. I support the NRA’s position of 1934. Their president at the time was an advocate of gun control and did not believe that just anybody should be able to buy a gun. I am an advocate of treating guns just like we treat driving and cars; education and training before a license, registration, and liability insurance. Add to that back ground checks.

    What Issue are you passionate about?

    What issue are you passionate about?  What issue matter the most to you when you vote?  Which issue would you prefer our party add or expound more upon with in our party platform?  Please fill out this survey in order to best inform our party and candidates where our members and electorate stand to better represent the people.  

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