The rising cost of education. What do we do?

I was perusing the news feeds on line as I do almost every day, when I came across this article on FOX NEWS:    I would encourage you to read the article at the above link and then return to this forum to discuss potential solutions. It has already been mentioned in discussion related to my post on making health care affordable, that education costs may be related to the rise in health care costs, so is the cost of education a root problem in the United States? If so, what do we do about it? When I attended a public university from 1978-1982 the annual tuition cost (in state) was about $1200 dollars. It is now $12,394. This represents a ten-fold increase. The FOX article seems to indicate that at least part of the blame belongs to Federal Student Loan Programs. At any rate, the rate of increase in tuition costs far outstrips inflation. It seems to me, that if we want to narrow the widening gap between rich and poor, education needs to be affordable to all. In an ever more technological society, an educated populace is increasingly necessary to maintaining our way of life. Your suggestions on how to reverse this trend are more than welcome!

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