Candidates Wanted

The Owl says give a Hoot, run for office!  



2018 is here now, no time to waste. Most states file sometime in the early spring. 

To have a chance at winning each candidate needs to start as early as possible. Consider running yourself or encouraging a friend to run.

More than ever we need ethical centrist candidates with no obligation to big money, who care about their town, city, county, state and nation!


Here is an inspirational video to help you decide to run.



How do I find an office to run for? 

This website can give you some ideas. 

Run for Office

Make sure you do your research.


How do I get started?

There is an online course to help you get started: Run for Office Online Course


If I don't take big money, how do I raise enough funds to run even a local campaign? 

Find out about Crowd sourcing here: CrowdPAC.


Here is another inspirational video to help you confirm your decision to run for office.



Please let us know if you plan on running for office.  Are you running as a Whig or Independent? 

What office are you running for?

If they don't know already, we will pass this information onward to your State Chapter leadership.  They can help coordinate volunteers.  Before being endorsed or nominated by the Modern Whig Party, you will need to sign a Code of Ethics.


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