The Modern Whig Party is the spearhead of a pragmatic, centrist, solutions-oriented political movement dedicated to the restoration of representative government in our nation. We believe broad citizen participation at all levels of government is necessary for our civic, political and economic lives to thrive, and we are determined to take practical, sensible action to support our fellow Americans in returning control of their government to their hands.      

Our goal is to build a viable, independent third party on the commitment to social and political service of our fellow citizens. We firmly believe our best hope for ever increasing prosperity, greater security and a fuller realization of the promise our nation represents lies first and foremost in ourselves, rather than in the wealth and power of special interests willing and able to gain political and economic advantages by dividing our people instead of uniting them.  

We also understand an active, responsive and responsible government is necessary to pull together the will and the resources of the country and get things done, from the national level down to the states, counties and municipalities where we live. Our plan is to build our party together with you, from the grassroots up, to ensure our government is working in the interests of those it was formed to serve -- all of us, the American people.

The idea of reviving the Whig name occurred to members of the American armed forces serving in Iraq and Afghanistan in 2007, and the Modern Whig Party was officially formed in Washington, D.C. in December 2009. From the very beginning our sole purpose and reason for being has been to serve in the spirit our military veterans understand so completely. We are a party committed to authentic service, and pledged to a simple motto: Courage. Common Sense. Country.

We hope you will take the time to learn more about us and choose to actively participate in our ongoing, determined effort to create a party of concrete, direct and viable action. We believe it is our time. But to achieve our goal, we will need the support, commitment and participation of like-minded citizens like you, willing to take a hand in our united mission to both return us to our roots and drive us forward to our destiny. Join us today.

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    We are an Ambitious Party


    We are an ambitious party – we want to be competitive in every state and at every level of government

    Many of us joined the Modern Whig Party because we recognized its values to be a breath of fresh air in what is otherwise a suffocating, smoke filled, politics as usual world.  We applaud the common sense solutions that the party ambitiously supports to change the practice of politics in this country.  We want to field candidates that serve all of their constituents, not just the large donors or those that have precisely the same ideology as is reflected in our platform.  We want our candidates and members to practice service, civility, and humility.  We want to give voters a real choice, not leave them forced to choose between two extreme candidates, neither of which represent their concerns.  We want to solve problems using reason and use those solutions to better the lives of our constituents.  

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