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    Hi. I am a disabled, older, non-traditional student. After becoming disabled, I decided to pursue a different path in higher education instead of going on disability. I do not feel comfortable with our countries 2 primary parties enough to declare myself, but find myself very attracted to the Modern Whig Party and what it represents. As I am trying to formulate a post for a discussion in Enviroscience 301, where I have to choose a Green Party or Growth Party, I find myself wanting to say NEITHER – and declare a new party. I cannot do that without more information though.

    I would like clarification on MWP stance on a few issues:

    1. Abortion/Right to Choose/One Child Policy etc.

    2. The 2nd Amendment.

    3. The 13th Amendment and our prison and jail issues including privatization, prison labor issues, and overcrowding, is this the best use of our money?

    4. The Middle East, specifically how we spend our money there, Israel, Palestine, and the hows and whys of our allying with who for what, is it okay to tell our military to ignore child rape, response to terrorism.

    I guess this is a good start, off the top of my head.


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