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  • commented on Contact Us 2017-02-04 11:07:09 -0500
    I read that this representative is considering leaving the GOP due to a conflict over the Trump administration’s policies. I think we should try to recruit her. She seems to have the common sense and courage we need.


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  • commented on November Surprises 2017-01-28 22:50:04 -0500
    What now? Donald Trump is the President of the USA. He is unlike any other President. Even Jacksonian Democracy does not explain Trump or give a clue to how he will govern. Right now the hard core of the GOP is crowing. And the far left is protesting and posting apocalyptic comments. OK, let them have their excitement.
    The rest of us should keep in mind that the purpose of government is to govern; to make and enforce laws, to set policy, and to respond to the will of the people. And, in spite of what some people in government and the media seem to think, governing involves compromise. So what is needed is a sober assessment of what you most want, what your opponents most want, and what each of you is willing to give up to get what you want. Put another way, what is needed now is some sober politics.
    Many people view politics as the problem. They think that “RESISTANCE!” is what is needed. But they are mistaken. The decline of politics is the problem. The failure to compromise is the problem. For example, if the GOP had not been so fixated on stopping the ACA, or “Obamacare” as they called it, they might have gotten better results. The complaints about the ACA by small business owners are legitimate. Their premiums had gone up drastically to help subsidize insurance for the indigent. Of course they are angry about the ACA. The problem is that the indigent need insurance. The question is how to pay for it. If the GOP had been willing to work with the Democrats, and protect the interests of small business owners, they might have crafted an ACA that actually worked. Further, if the Democrats had been thinking, instead of watching the GOP flame out over Obamacare, they might have pointed out that Toyota and Volkswagen do not have to pay for expensive insurance for their workers, but Ford and GM do, so we are putting our own industry at a disadvantage.
    Politics may seem grubby, but it isn’t. It is the practice of addressing problems and finding solutions that everyone can accept. It is not necessary for everyone to be thrilled with the solution, they just have to agree that it is fair enough and will work. Sure, “RESISTANCE!” is exciting, but it is ill defined and generally ineffective.
    So what to do? Step one: remember, Trump is a deal maker. He is not an ideologue. Some on the left want to make him out to be some kind of crazed right wing fanatic. He isn’t. Like Don King, the boxing promoter, he is flamboyant, loud, and appears to be foolish. He is also very crafty and probably a lot smarter than he lets on. Further, he is not really all that conservative. He has come down on both sides of many issues. These two facts represent opportunity.
    Talk to your Senators and Representatives. Tell them what you want them to stop, and what you can accept. For instance, are you horrified by the prospect of another Pro-Life Justice on the Supreme Court? Are you willing to accept the reopening of several open pit coal mines in West Virginia and a relaxation of automotive fuel economy standards in exchange for a better Supreme Court pick? Tell your servants in congress. They may be able to cut a deal. It’s worth a try.
    There is more, but I am out of self-allotted space, so I will pick it up again next week. And remember, don’t despair, it’s unseemly.

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